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Regents Scholars Program


The Regents Scholar program is for students receiving the Regent or Seaver scholarships. All first-year students who submit SAT/ACT scores  are considered for these merit-based scholarships at the time of application and are notified at the same time and in the same process as all other financial aid. No separate application is required.



The Regents Scholars program is designed to celebrate and promote academic excellence among the students at Seaver College. Both the curricular and co-curricular experiences for the Regents Scholars will challenge students to explore a multitude of issues and opportunities in the areas of coursework, undergraduate research, and service. By housing Regents Scholars together, the program aims to develop a vibrant community that promotes discussion, debate, and an open exchange of ideas on topics of utmost relevance to the world in which we live. Regents Scholars are expected to be leaders among their peers at Seaver College and will provide a strong pool of candidates to compete for nationally recognized fellowships and awards. At its best, the Regents Scholars program will challenge students to lead "lives of purpose, service, and leadership."


Spiritual Foundations

Christian intellectual traditions insist on satisfying the highest standards of academic excellence. This insistence derives from an understanding of human persons as incarnate intellectual souls, whose specific dignity consists in their ability to undertake an itinerarium mentis ad Deum, a journey of the mind to God. Christianity's spiritual practices, which discipline and dispose the soul for learning, and its irrepressible transcendent beckoning, which aims learners at heaven by intensifying their desire for God, situate study on the highest possible plane of human action. The Regents Scholars Program equips its participants for this journey now and for a lifetime by training their souls in the contemplative arts of rigorous study, intellectual virtue, and deep concern for the welfare of others in a world to be transformed.