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Semesters at a Glance:

First Semester

To develop a historical and theoretical basis for social action, students in the first semester course (SAAJ 121) examine how each of the following has effected social justice in the United States from the 18th century to the present: the social construction of racial identity, the role of gender in social equality, and the influence of socioeconomic background.

Second Semester

In the second semester (SAAJ 122), students examine the impact of religious activism, the social construction of ability and disability, and social perceptions of sexual difference.

Third Semester

In the third semester, students may choose more specialized courses that provide in-depth examination of a particular social issue (SAAJ 123).  Faculty members will encourage students to select courses related to their particular concerns and possible vocation.  Ideally, the third semester course will provide research opportunities and particular preparation for the fourth semester experiential learning assignment.

Fourth Semester

In the fourth semester, students will complete extended experiential learning assignments appropriate to their talents, concerns, and values (SAAJ 324).  As they complete the experiential learning component, students will continue to meet in bi-weekly seminars of 18 students and for in-common activities.  During this final seminar of the colloquium, students will continue to read selected texts, think critically about their experience, and use their skills in research, writing, speaking, and technology to develop presentations that can be shared with others in the community.