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Pre-professional Enrichment

Teaching and the Humanities

The Teacher Education department, housed in the same division with the Humanities, maintains completely current instruction on all requirements toward a California teaching credential. The liberal studies for education major provides the breadth required of candidates for the multiple-subject credential, while the English major provides the depth required for the single subject credential in English. Single-subject teaching credentials are offered in a variety of other curricular areas as well.

Business and the Humanities

The modern business world recognizes the value of a strong background in the humanities for management positions in business. Corporate leaders have found that students majoring in the humanities have acquired the skills and training valuable for success in business:

  1. flexibility
  2. decision-making abilities
  3. research skills
  4. appreciation of creativity and the pursuit of excellence
  5. sensitivity to cultural and ethnic differences

Humanities students considering business careers may take a number of business courses along with their major courses. With this combined background they will find broad opportunities in the business field.

Pre-Law and the Humanities

Since the student will learn the content of law in law school, the best preparation in pre-law is an education that hones skills in analytical and logical thinking and in written and oral communication. The English, history, humanities, and philosophy degree programs are designed to provide training and practice in the skills needed in the field of law:

  1. logical thinking and analysis of arguments
  2. close reading and analysis of texts
  3. effective writing and speaking

These skills will prepare students for the LSAT, for successful performance in their legal studies, and for a fulfilling career. For more information on pre-law preparation and the humanities, please read the pre-law handbook.

Professional Writing and Editing

The ability to write well is highly valued not only in publishing companies and magazines, but also in businesses and government agencies of all sorts, and in the creative arts. The degree programs in creative writing and English (writing and rhetoric emphasis) provide profession-oriented training and practice that foster:

  1. creativity in a variety of genres and for a variety of purposes
  2. critical appreciation of written texts
  3. refinement of communication skills
  4. knowledge of language skills

These degree programs co-ordinate classroom learning with practical application through university creative writing publications and internships.