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Our Faculty and Staff

Collage of humanities faculty

Teaching is at the heart of our division, which includes over forty full-time faculty dedicated to five majors, twelve minors, and two graduate programs. We seek to impart upon our majors and minors knowledge in their chosen fields as well as strong analytical and critical thinking, written and oral communication, and important skills. We exemplify the reasons that Pepperdine has been ranked in the top 30 in the category of "best undergraduate teaching" (US News and World Report for 2022-2023). 

Our presence and influence extend well beyond the majors and minors, as most HUTE faculty also teach courses in the General Education curriculum. We are among the most dedicated practitioners of the liberal arts, and we continuously update and upgrade our pedagogical skills to meet the needs and callings of the current generation of undergraduates.

Our faculty are well-prepared in their academic specialties, having earned terminal degrees from prestigious universities. We are active in scholarship, belong to many academic societies, and participate in many conferences. We have published many books and articles, and we develop new research agendas.

Besides Pepperdine, our faculty and staff are active in their local communities and serve in a variety of roles at churches and non-profit organizations. Seeking to be well-rounded human beings and servants of faith, we carry the spirit of service into the classroom and celebrate it among our students.