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Mission Statement: HUTE Division

The Humanities and Teacher Education Division is a place where students can refine their values and learn the ideas and methods of thinking that will enrich their lives and vocations. Its programs develop the excellence of mind and qualities of soul that foster intellectual independence:

  • Spirited inquiry and disciplined imagination
  • Intelligent interpretation and persistent questioning of texts
  • Reverence for language and rigorous exposition
  • Argumentation, logic, and problem solving
  • Attentiveness to the phenomena of time and the ordering of history
  • Aesthetic and ethical understanding

These programs of study are morally inscribed, mobilizing the virtues that go hand-in-hand with academic inquiry – including courage and confidence in one’s undertakings, charity and civility, honesty and humility, all of which sustain communities of learning.

This education aims to develop the whole person, whose habits of reflection and sound judgment strengthen students for lives of thoughtfulness, service, and responsible influence.