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Initiative Groups

Career Development

The Pepperdine University mission statement commits to "strengthening students for lives of purpose, service, and leadership." In support of this mission, the Seaver College Career Center and the Seaver Board of Visitors (SBOV) are pleased to have launched the Career Coaching Program. This program complements Pepperdine University's strong academic and value-based curriculum by assisting students in the self-assessment and career exploration process, and by preparing them for the social and functional realities of the workplace.

Employers continue to be challenged with finding well-prepared and focused employees for their organizations. Through this program, students achieve a better understanding of their own unique strengths and interests, in addition to gaining the polish and savvy necessary to excel in the professional arena.

Scholarships and Special Projects

This committee addresses issues relating to the Seaver Board of Visitors Scholarship and shares criteria and guidelines for others with interest in establishing restricted scholarships. The group also helps promote and secure sponsorships for the Pepperdine Wave Classic golf tournament, for which the board is also a sponsor.

Members review other development needs of the college, including capital projects, endowment, and operational needs, to determine appropriate and effective areas for SBOV involvement.

Visiting Board

This committee addresses ways to facilitate interaction between faculty and students so as to utilize board members as resources in the classroom experience. Members will serve as guest lecturers, project judges, and faculty and professional advisors. These alliances between board members, faculty, and students will provide a valuable perspective that will enhance the overall educational process at Seaver College.