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Seaver College Rank, Tenure, and Promotion Document Archive

This Web site is intended for Seaver College faculty members and administrators who are involved in the rank, tenure, and promotion process. At this site you will find the necessary documents for evaluating faculty members who are eligible for tenure, promotion, or a five-year review. These documents are downloadable to your hard drive, so you may edit them at your convenience without having to retype the entire document. Any questions about the rank, tenure, and promotion process should be directed to Levon Goukasian in the Business Administration Division, x4425. 

Best Practices for Tenure and Promotion Review
A list of recommendations intended to put applicants’ portfolios in the best possible light and to clarify expectations.

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Rank, Tenure, and Promotion Handbook (PDF format)

Appendix I

Appendix II

Appendix III

Appendix IV - Forms Related to Tenure and Promotions in Rank

Appendix V - Special Forms Related to Accelerated Promotion

Appendix VI - Forms Related to Five-Year Evaluation of Tenured Faculty

Appendix VII - Forms Related to Pre-Tenure Review of Tenure Track Faculty

Appendix VIII - Forms Related to Faculty Development and Appraisal Program

Appendix IX

Appendix X

Appendix XI


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