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Frequently Used Forms

Request for Student Employee

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  • Please complete the top portion of the form.  Your student employee should complete the bottom portion of the form and return the form to Dierdre "Dee" in the Division Office.

Request for Professional Travel

Student Accessibility Statement

Intellectual Property

It is highly recommended that you include in your syllabi a statement regarding intellectual property. You may choose one of the following options regarding your course materials:

  • Course materials prepared by the instructor, together with the content of all lectures and review sessions presented by the instructor, are the property of the instructor. Video and audio recording of lectures and review sessions without the consent of the instructor is prohibited. Unless explicit permission is obtained from the instructor, recordings of lectures and review sessions may not be modified and must not be transferred or transmitted to any other person. Electronic devices other than laptops (e.g., cell phones, PDAs, calculators, recording devices) are not to be used during lectures or exams without prior permission of the instructor.
  • Copyright 2012 [Name of Professor] as to this syllabus and all lectures. Students shall not sell notes (or receive remuneration for taking notes) during this course to or by any person or commercial entity without the express written permission of the professor teaching this course.
  • My lectures are protected by state common law and federal copyright law. They are my own original expression and I record them at the same time that I deliver them in order to secure protection. Whereas you are authorized to take notes in class thereby creating a derivative work from my lecture, the authorization extends only to making one set of notes for your own personal use and no other use. You are not authorized to record my lectures, to provide your notes (including any presentations, handouts, guides, outlines made available to you in this class) to anyone else or to make any commercial use of them without express prior written permission from me.

Natural Science Division Emergency Procedures

  • If you teach a course with a laboratory, your syllabus must include Division's emergency procedures.

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Regulatory Notice

  • If you teach a course with a laboratory, your syllabus must include the following regulatory statement.

    • REGULATORY NOTICE: Warning: Laboratories in the Natural Science Division contain and certain class experiments or procedures will expose you to chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, and other reproductive harm at levels which require a warning. For more information, contact your instructor or the Office of Regulatory Affairs at extension 4702.

Academic Integrity

  • Academic Integrity is the expression of intellectual virtue in human beings as a result of their creation in God¹s image. It represents the convergence of the best of the human spirit and God¹s spirit, which requires personal, private and community virtue. As a Christian institution, Pepperdine University affirms that integrity begins in our very created being and is lived out in our academic work. In order for the code to be effective, the community must maintain its health and vitality. This requires a genuine sense of maturity, responsibility, and sensitivity on the part of every member. In particular, each member of the Seaver College community is expected to pursue his or her academic work with honesty and integrity.
  • Academic integrity is violated when one of the following events occurs:Plagiarism, Cheating, Fabrication, or Facilitating Academic Dishonesty.