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Mathematics Major and Minor

Our mathematics program is designed to prepare students for careers in both teaching and industry. Students who complete mathematics major or minor programs have historically been viewed by employers as being well prepared for jobs that require problem solving and creative thinking skills.

Mathematics Degrees

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

This degree provides students with broad exposure to disciplines in mathematics. Students in this major pursue careers and graduate education in a wide variety of fields including mathematics and statistics, business and finance, computers science, education, law and medicine.

BS in Mathematics: Program Learning Outcomes

Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics Education

This degree prepares students for a career in secondary education (grades 9-12) as mathematics educators.

BA in Mathematics: Program Learning Outcomes


Mathematics Minors

Minor in Mathematics

The mathematics minor provides students with a foundation in both abstract reasoning and computation fluency. Students completing a math minor have strong problem solving and critical thinking skills. A minor in mathematics is excellent preparation for students wishing to pursue law school, computer science, elementary or middle school education, economics, and many other careers that depend on an ability to think and communicate logically and clearly.

Minor in Applied Mathematics

The applied mathematics minor is an excellent complement to such majors as economics, business, chemistry, physics, biology and sports medicine. It is designed to give students a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts and a more robust set of quantitative reasoning skills, which are increasingly important in the fields of business and the physical sciences.

What Mathematics Grads Are Doing

Data collected from the 2023 class within six months of graduation.




Employed Full-Time or Part-Time


Total Settled Graduates


Why Pepperdine

Pepperdine Seaver College is consistently recognized among the top-ranked universities in California and the United States. We are a Christian university where students grow in knowledge and character. As a liberal arts institution, we focus on providing rich opportunities for intellectual and spiritual exploration for students with a diverse community.



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Beyond the Classroom

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Students earning their degree in mathematics have a variety of learning and leadership opportunities outside of the classroom. Students can participate in extra-curricular activities such as summer research programs and assisting with faculty research.

Seaver student solving a math equation on the whiteboard

Interact with your fellow students and get involved in fun activities... Learn more about the mathematics clubs and associations.

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Many mathematics majors choose to study abroad in one of Pepperdine's distinctive programs, typically opting to do so during the summer or for just one semester.

Tutoring at the SSC

Tutoring is available through the Seaver Student Success Center for the following courses:

  • Math 103
  • Math 120
  • Math 140
  • Math 141
  • Math 150
  • Math 151
  • Math 250
  • Math 316


Preparation for Your Future

Preparation for Graduate or Professional Schools

Over half of our graduates have been admitted to graduate or professional schools in mathematics, computer science, statistics, medicine, law, engineering, or education. Our majors are accepted in to some of the finest institutions for advanced studies after graduation, including the University of California, Duke, University of Washington, Washington University, University of Oregon, and many more. Of all majors, mathematics majors nationally have recently had the highest acceptance rates in medical and law schools.

Secondary Teaching Credential

Students who plan to teach mathematics in secondary schools of California should complete their degree with a mathematics or mathematics education major and obtain a California Teaching Credential. Several of the courses required for the California Teaching Credential are already part of the mathematics education major. If you plan on teaching in another state, you will need to obtain a credential for that state. (Some states will accept the California credential, while others will have their own specific rules.)

Potential Careers

The critical thinking and technical skills acquired during completion of a mathematics degree are desirable to a wide range of careers and fields including:

  • Actuarial Science
  • Engineering
  • Business Analytics
  • Finance
  • Computer Programming
  • Law
  • Cryptography
  • Management Consulting
  • Data Science
  • Medicine
  • Education
  • Statistics

Additional career options based on a degree in mathematics are listed at American Mathematical Society. Individual career profiles can be viewed at https://www.maa.org/careers/career-profiles


Mathematics Student Testimonials


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