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Facilities for Handicapped Guests


A limited number of spots have been set aside for guests with accessibility needs in the Firestone Fieldhouse parking lot (parking lot P). These spots are first come, first serve. Inquire at the information booth at Seaver Drive or John Tyler Drive for specific directions. A public safety officer will be located at the entrance of lot P and will direct you to the designated parking spots. There will be golf carts going back and forth between the Firestone Fieldhouse parking lot and Alumni Park to do pick-ups and drop-offs.

Another option would be to pull up next to Alumni Park, drop off the handicapped guest, and park elsewhere. Follow the guidance of traffic control staff.

Graduation Seating

There will be a designated ADA-accessible seating area(s) in the guest sections on Alumni Park. These seating areas are set up with chairs and adjacent space for wheelchairs next to the chairs. Each guest in a wheelchair can bring one person to sit with them in this area. Ask a staff member to point out the ADA-accessible seating area(s) if you are unable to locate them. Note: Most ADA-accessible seating is not covered by a canopy, so hats and use of sunscreen are recommended for your sun protection.