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Undergraduate Graduation Clearance

Seaver College will hold its spring commencement exercises for students who complete their degree requirements in the preceding fall semester, current spring semester, or by the end of the following summer term.* Follow these steps to ensure that you are cleared to graduate and to participate in the commencement ceremony!

5 Steps to Graduation Clearance:

Step 1: Review your Degree Audit Report

Your Degree Audit Report (DAR) is available in the Student Services area of WaveNet. If you need help reading your DAR, click here for instructions.

If you have questions about your degree progress or any remaining course requirements listed in the general education, major, or minor requirements section of your DAR, contact your major advisor. If there are any discrepancies on your DAR, contact your Academic Advising Associate.

Step 2: Be sure you meet these basic graduation requirements for a bachelor's degree:

  • At least 128 units completed
  • At least 40 upper-division units completed
  • At least 24 upper-division units completed in your major
  • At least a 2.0 grade point average in work completed at Seaver College, overall, and in your major(s)
  • Successful completion of all major and minor requirements
  • Successful completion of all currently enrolled courses

Step 3: If you plan to participate in the Spring commencement exercises, be sure to mark "Yes" on the Intent to Graduate form so that we may:

  • Add you to the list to receive commencement information
  • Provide you with instructions pertaining to regalia, tickets, and announcement orders
  • List your name (and honors, if applicable) in the commencement program

If you do not indicate that you wish to participate in the commencement ceremony, your name will not appear in the printed program and you will be unable to participate in the ceremony.

Step 4: Submit your Intent to Graduate

You may submit your Intent to Graduate form through Wavenet.

Step 5: Check your Pepperdine E-Mail regularly

OneStop will notify you if you have any remaining degree requirements. Please respond to this notification promptly so that you can resolve any discrepancies. We will also communicate other pertinent information about graduation by e-mail.

Once you are cleared to graduate, enjoy preparing for this special milestone. Please visit the other links on the graduation website to help you prepare!

*You must be within 12 units of degree completion to participate in the Spring commencement and complete your coursework in the summer term. Academic honors will only be granted after all coursework is completed and graded.

Please email OneStop@Pepperdine.edu with any questions regarding getting cleared to graduate.