Non-Degree Applicants


Non-degree status provides the opportunity for students to take courses or special programs for credit without formal admission or matriculation into the University.

Students may apply for enrollment under non-degree status if they do not pursue a degree but intend to have credits received from the University transferred elsewhere, or desire to take courses for personal enrichment only.

How to Apply

Non-degree applicants must submit their application through the online form below.

Other Information

  • Admission for non-degree work is for one term only.
  • Admission decisions for the non-degree program will be sent out on a rolling basis, as files complete.
  • Non-Degree students may not register until the first day of classes thereby selecting from the classes which remain open after the fully enrolled students have registered. Non-degree students may not advance register.
  • Non-Degree students will receive a transcript of their completed classes (with letter or pass/fail grades) and pay the full unit charges.
  • If you withdraw from all of your courses prior to the end of the add/drop period, you will be charged the withdrawal fee as stated in the Academic Catalog.
  • On-campus housing is not guaranteed for Non-Degree students.

When to Apply

Spring Term

Application Deadline:
December 10


Fall Term

Application Deadline:
August 10


Summer Term

Application Deadline:
April 15


Application Requirements

  • All Non-Degree applicants must have graduated from high school. (Does not apply to the Malibu High School Partnership Program)
  • The Non-Degree application (see link below) and all supporting documents must be received by the Office of Admission no later than two weeks prior to the start of classes for the term requested.

Application Process


Step 1 Submit Application

Non-Degree Application     

(US Citizen, US Dual Citizen, US Permanent Resident, US Refugee or Asylee)   


International Non-Degree Application

(Non US Citizen)

Step 2 Submit Supplemental Materials

Your application confirmation will list the additional requirements based upon your program. Please select the applicable links below for submission instructions: