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Reapplying to Seaver Graduate Programs

Seaver College Graduate Reapplication Form

Thank you for your interest in reapplying to Pepperdine University! You must submit this reapplication form and required materials (e.g. updated transcripts) by the following deadlines: 
  • October 1 for Spring
  • November 1 for Fall
This form is to be completed by any admitted student who was enrolled, but has been continuously absent, for two or more semesters, but not more than two years. 

All fields marked with an asterisk(*) are required
Student Information

Application Information

College / University Information

List the most recent college/university that you have attended below

Please read the following statements. By submitting your application, you are agreeing to the following terms:
  • I certify that all information submitted in the admission process — including this application and any other supporting materials — is my own work, factually true, and honestly presented, and that these documents will become the property of the institution to which I am applying and will not be returned to me. I understand that I may be subject to a range of possible disciplinary actions, including admission revocation, expulsion, or revocation of course credit, grades, and degree should the information I have certified be false.
  • I agree to notify Seaver College of Pepperdine University immediately should there be any change to the information requested in this application.
  • I understand that once my application has been submitted it may not be altered in any way; I will need to contact the Graduate Program directly (leslie.seah@pepperdine.edu or dana.dudley@pepperdine.edu) if I wish to provide additional information.
  • I acknowledge that I have reviewed the application instructions specifically for the graduate programs at Seaver College of Pepperdine University.
  • I understand that all offers of admission are conditional, pending receipt of final transcripts showing work comparable in quality to that upon which the offer was based, as well as honorable dismissal from the school.
  • I affirm that I will send an enrollment deposit (or equivalent) to only one institution; sending multiple deposits (or equivalent) may result in the withdrawal of my admission offers from all institutions. [Note: students may send an enrollment deposit (or equivalent) to a second institution where they have been admitted from the waitlist, provided that they inform the first institution that they will no longer be enrolling.]