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High School Transcripts

All Applicants:

  • Official high school transcripts are required of all applicants, including transfer students and students who have not yet graduated at the time of application.
  • Include your Common Application ID on all documents you submit. This will assist in the accurate and timely processing of your application file.
  • Transcripts can either be submitted from the school through the Common Application Naviance system, Parchment, eScrip-Safe, or Scoir, or by mail to the Office of Admission at the address below. If the transcripts are mailed, they must be official with an original signature of the school official(s) or the school seal on the transcript and sent directly from the school or submitted in an envelope sealed by the school.
  • Please note: Faxed or e-mailed copies of transcripts are NOT accepted.
  • If your school official has already submitted your transcript via the Common Application, please do not send additional hard copies as this will delay our ability to process your application file. Instead, please verify that these items were submitted on the School Forms tab in the Common Application system.
  • If you have attended more than one high school, you must submit an official transcript from each school if the grades from the earlier school(s) do not appear on your last high school transcript.
  • Additional instructions based on applicant status are listed below. Please make sure to read and follow all applicable instructions.

Official transcripts may be sent to the following address:

Seaver College Office of Admission
Pepperdine University
24255 Pacific Coast Highway
Malibu, California 90263-4392

High School Seniors (First-Year Applicants):

  • A cumulative sixth-semester transcript (through grade 11) must be submitted at the time of application.
  • If accepted, the final transcript with graduation date listed must be submitted prior to enrollment.

Transfer Students and High School Graduates:

  • The official, cumulative high school transcript submitted must indicate the date of high school graduation.

International Students:

  • High school transcripts in a language other than English must also be official and must be accompanied by an official English translation.
  • All documents regarding your previous education (marks, certificates, diplomas, etc.) and test scores (TOEFL, SAT) must be sent to us DIRECTLY FROM THE SCHOOL(S) YOU ATTENDED, THE MINISTRY OF EDUCATION, OR THE TESTING AUTHORITY.
  • The document we receive may be a photocopy, as long as it has been signed by a school, ministry, or testing authority official, and sent directly to us by the school, the Ministry of Education, or testing authority in a letterhead envelope.
  • In other words, we must be able to determine that the document we receive (whether the original or a photocopy) has been verified by the issuing institution and that the student (or anyone else) has not had the opportunity to see or touch the document from the time of the verification until we open the document in our office.

Credential Evaluation Services (WES)

Alternative Applicants:

  • In addition to the official high school transcript indicating any completed course work, applicants who did not graduate from high school must also submit official GED (General Educational Development) or CHSPE (California High School Proficiency Examination) documentation indicating a passing score.

Home-Schooled Applicants:

  • If any portion of the high school course work was completed at a traditional high school, an official transcript of that work must be submitted.
  • If a transcript for work completed as a home-schooled applicant is not available, official GED or CHSPE documentation indicating a passing score must be submitted. Additionally, official documentation should be submitted indicating the curriculum followed and grades obtained.
  • Please note: Due to the non-traditional nature of this type of schooling, applicants are expected to demonstrate academic proficiency through strong SAT I or ACT scores.

Please Note: It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that all required materials for the admission application file are received by the Office of Admission by the applicable deadline in order to be considered by the Admission Committee.