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Center for Teaching and Learning

Mission Statement

The Seaver College Center for Teaching and Learning promotes excellence in college teaching in order to achieve deeper student learning. The Center provides academic, instructional and faculty development support to the entire College community, including full- and part-time faculty members, administrators, and staff. In addition to the specific programs offered, the Center staff will maintain close working relationships with faculty advisory committees and appropriate administrators.


Teaching centers serve principally as resource centers, introducing new development in post-secondary education to the university. Often, centers are expected to offer services and support to faculty in course planning, instructional methods, program development, and evaluation, all rated highly by administrators as teaching improvement practices. Centers serve as clearinghouses for projects and new initiatives--for example active learning and problem-based learning--and encourage and support department or faculty-based projects.

Centers may produce newsletters, fund projects, or promote excellence in teaching. It is increasingly acknowledged that centers for the improvement of teaching are cost-effective and in fact require a miniscule percentage of the teaching budget. Centers depend on a combination of resources, including the hard money operating budget, a small capital budget, research funds, and often funds from a foundation. Centers cannot accomplish all that needs to be done to improve the teaching and learning climate. They can serve as focal points, responsive to campus needs and with sufficient critical mass, to accomplish many organizational and educational tasks.

Teaching Resources

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