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2020 Senior Presentations: Religion Major

In the spring of 2020, the fifteen students pictured below completed research for their senior projects. Religion and Philosophy faculty, staff, students, and guests are invited to view their ten-minute recorded presentations in advance and then attend a live Q & A session with the student researchers on Thursday, April 23, 2020, 10 AM to noon (PST). The recorded presentations will be available beginning April 21. If you find that you don't have permission for the link below and would like to participate, please contact Madison Weeks.


Senior Presenters

Jessica Brown pictured in the mountains

Jessica Rachel "Ica" Brown

"Suicidal Ideation in the Church: Protestant Perspectives and Suggestions for the Future"

Mentor: Dr. Andy Wall

Kira Brown pictured at Pepperdine University

Kira Lynn Brown

"Why Young Adults are Leaving the Church and How to Bring Them Back"

Mentor: Dr. Jack Williamson

Paige Eivins pictured with a flower crown

Paige Eivins

"Early Islam Through the Eyes of Two Christian Fathers"

Mentor: Dr. Dyron Daughrity


Jaiden Farr pictured in a white coat

Jaiden Farr

"Balancing Divine Love and Sovereignty Through Three Models of Providence: A Judas Case Study"

Mentor: Dr. Ron Highfield


Holland Freeman pictured in front of a large pine tree

Holland Freeman

"Forgiveness: A Comparison of Christian and Muslim Definitions and Perceptions"

Mentor: Dr. John Barton

Bonnie Graham pictured in front of a tree with yellow leaves

Bonnie Graham

"The Church of Christ and Islam: A Journey to Peaceful Interreligious Relations"

Mentor: Dr. Cari Myers


Benjamin Hancock pictured in a blue shirt and a blue tie

Benjamin H. Hancock

"Labor in Ecclesiastes: Implications for a Modern Notion of Progress"

Mentor: Dr. Chris Heard


Blake Mastalerz pictured in glasses

Blake A. Mastalerz

"Jesus' Example in The Gospel of Luke to Medical Practitioners"

Mentor: Dr. Chris Doran


Erin Miller pictured in a red t-shirt that reads Better Together

Erin Miller

"Christian Influencer Culture: Effects on the Faith of College Women and Recommendations for Ministry"

Mentor: Dr. Sara Barton


Morgan Nelson pictured on the beach in front of the Golden Gate Bridge

Morgan Nelson

"Radical Hospitality in Luke-Acts and Its Role in Interfaith Relations"

Mentor: Dr. Randy Chesnutt


Noah Racy pictured amongst yellow wildflowers

Noah Racey

"The Anabaptist Cookbook: How Lessons from the Anabaptist Tradition and Anarchist Politics Can Help The Church Find its Identity"

Mentor: Dr. Dave Lemley


Ava Randel pictured holding a book

Ava Shoal Randel

"Christians in Social Reform: A Study of Charles Finney, Walter Rauschenbusch, and Martin Luther King, Jr."

Mentor: Dr. Christina Littlefield


Radiance Richardson pictured in Italy with sunglasses on her head

Radiance C. Richardson

"Academic Integrity at Christian Institutions: The Centrality of Restorative Justice, Forgiveness, and Love in New Testament-Based Reforms"

Mentor: Dr. Nick Zola


Luke Seidman pictured in front of rolling hilltops and mountains

Luke Seidman

"Chaplains For All?: How the 21st Century Christian Chaplain Can Serve God in a Diverse World"

Mentor: Dr. Ron Cox


Kim Yeung pictured in front of a brick wall

Kim Yeung

"When Faith and Work Collide: A Biblical View of Work"

Mentor: Dr. Tim Willis


Projects were completed in the religion capstone course "Identity in Christ," taught by Dr. Kindy De Long