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International Studies

Many mathematics majors choose to study abroad in one of Pepperdine's distinctive programs, typically opting to do so during the summer or for just one semester. If you are interested in studying abroad, it is recommended that you meet with a math professor to discuss a four-year plan and ensure you will be able to take the required courses when they are offered. As some courses are prerequisites for other courses and since some required courses are only offered every other year, it is important to plan ahead carefully. If you plan on studying internationally, other than during the summer, please be sure to complete Math 320 during your first year at Pepperdine and consult with your math advisor.

Our international programs are designed to provide all students—regardless of major—the opportunity to study, live, and travel overseas without interrupting other studies or postponing a career. This offers students a unique opportunity to gain both an academic and a personal understanding of other cultures, institutions, and languages.

In addition to the international programs offered by the University, below are additional semester and year-long international programs that focus on math:

  • Budapest Semesters in Mathematics: A math-based international program in Budapest, Hungary that overlooks the Danube. By participating in this program, you'll be able to learn from famous Hungarian mathematicians. All courses are taught in English and focus on problem-solving. Courses focus on an invitation into advanced mathematics, including abstract algebra, number theory, and combinatorics.
  • Budapest Semesters in Mathematics Education: Located in Budapest, Hungary, students participating in this program will learn about the Hungarian system of mathematics education. All courses are taught in English. Students interested in a career involving teaching might be interested in attending this program.
  • Mathematics in Moscow: A semester-long mathematics study abroad program in Moscow, Russia. All courses are taught in English and students can choose to study abroad either fall or spring semester.