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Honors Research Program in Chemistry

Chemistry majors are encouraged to participate in the Honors Research Program, which is aimed at providing students with insight into how scientists design experiments, collect and analyze data, and communicate their results to the scientific community.  Students generally apply to the program in their sophomore or junior year and are admitted to the program based upon grade point average, recommendations, career goals, and potential for successful completion of the program.  Students are selected by a committee and, upon acceptance, develop a research plan in close consultation with a chemistry faculty member.  Students work a sufficient length of time in the research laboratory to complete their project, often beginning their full-time work in the summer months.  To complete the program, students must present their data in thesis form to an examining committee.  After each candidate successfully completes an oral thesis defense, the committee recommends that the student's transcript and diploma be marked "Honors in Chemistry."  It is expected that students present their thesis projects at local or national meetings and honors research projects are often published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Students who are interested in the program should speak with a member of the chemistry faculty about the application process.