ISL Student Opportunities


Our Students

Students in ISL are distinguished by a strong academic interest matched by a passion for international affairs. The incoming SAT and GPA scores of freshman students who have declared International Studies, for example, is slightly higher than the Seaver average.

Once they are at Seaver, nearly all ISL students attend at least one of Seaver College's International Programs. Many participate in two or more programs. ISL also has a comparatively high proportion of international students, primarily in International Studies.

The majority of students in ISL are International Studies majors. The International Management specialization is the most popular specialization in the major, followed by Political Studies and International/Intercultural.

The second largest group of majors in ISL are Spanish majors. Many International Studies majors choose to double major in Spanish, French, or German.

Many students in ISL intend on continuing their education through graduate school. Law, business, international relations, and public policy are popular destinations for graduate studies. Students entering the job force upon graduation generally choose the private sector, but a number are interested careers in teaching and non-profits.

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