Teacher Education Programs

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A teaching credential is an excellent complement to any major, opening the door to vocational possibilities in education, both domestically and abroad. The Teacher Education program at Seaver College is an integrated program in which students pursue their bachelor¹s degree and their teaching credential simultaneously, so that they can complete their degree and credential in four years.

Our program provides the coursework and fieldwork experiences necessary to qualify teacher candidates for a SB2042 Preliminary Multiple Subject Teaching Credential or a Single Subject Teaching Credential. Accredited by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, our program is highly regarded throughout California.

The Curriculum

In elementary or middle school, a multiple subject teacher usually teaches a variety of subjects, including literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, fine arts, physical education, and health. We recommend a liberal arts major for multiple subject candidates.

Single Subject Teaching Credential (Secondary) 

For the Single Subject Credential, students major in a specific content area (English, math, social science, science):

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Our Accreditation

Our Curriculum Compliance

These credential programs were developed in compliance with the requirements of the State of California Commission on Teacher Credentialing and provide each candidate with an English Language Authorization (ELA) that enables candidates to teach students whose primary language is not English.

Program Admission and Requirements

Program Characteristics

Credentials Offered

  • California SB 2042 Multiple Subject Preliminary Teaching Credential with English Language Authorization
  • California SB 2042 Single Subject Preliminary Teaching Credential with English Language Authorization
  • Both credentials meet No Child Left Behind federal mandate compliance.

Clinical Experience

Program Sequence Requirements

Students must complete the teacher education courses required for a preliminary credential. The teacher education courses can be started during the second half of the first year. Please consult the academic catalog for more information.

Alumni in the Field

Student Testimonials

Possible Minors

Women's Studies Minor

Female student discusses women's studies concepts.

Our women's studies minor helps students reshape their thinking about culture and societies. We offer feminist perspectives that uncover the dynamics of both the masculine and feminine genders.

Ethnic Studies Minor

Pepperdine student at computer

Our ethnic studies minor focuses on the historical experiences, creative expression, and interactions of the various ethnic, racial, religious, and linguistic groups in the United States and other countries.

African American Studies Minor

David Holmes on MLK Day at Pepperdine

We offer an interdisciplinary African American studies minor that provides students with a critical understanding of the historical, social, and political thoughts and experiences of African Americans.