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About the Multicultural Theatre Project

MTP actors

About Our Project

The Multicultural Theatre Project (MTP) is a transdisciplinary, arts-based, critical pedagogy, a theatrical experience that provides an environment where students can explore the multidimensionality of diversity: intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. Students encounter these various literary and historical texts over an 8- to 10-week period, beginning with an introductory retreat. Theatre games are employed throughout this process to help develop a learning community and explore textual questions. Students respond in various ways to these texts, culminating in a theatrical production presented to the university campus community. This campus diversity Initiative strives to foster student retention, leadership development, and a campus climate of inclusion. This transdisciplinary pedagogical project engages students in critical reflection on difference (class, race/ethnicity, gender, religion, and et al) toward transformational learning. 

About the MTP Experience

Julianna Reed, an MTP graduating senior and Pepperdine University Alumna from the class of 2005, summarized her MTP experience in these interactive verses below.

 MTP is an encounter with yourself…

It is who you are, and whom you never knew you could be. It is an exploration of your talents and discovering something new inside yourself. It exposes the beauty of the human soul and the necessity to explore a story other than your own.

It is realizing that we have the capacity to understand the stories of others and an importance of creating a voice to share our own. MTP takes you beyond your comfort zone, pushing you to the edge, and gives you the opportunity to have the confidence to fly.

 MTP is literature and history…

It reminds you of the power and richness of our history. It reminds us to seek out the true and real stories, the ones that will move us, shock us, and inspire us.

MTP is filled with literature that explores the human condition. It weaves history and literature into the dialogue, always reminding you that education and enlightenment is what can help us break down the walls of ignorance we often confine ourselves in.

 MTP is an encounter with faith, with spirituality…

A strong spirit has flowed through each MTP performance that I have been blessed to be a part of. I walk away each time with a stronger sense of self and a renewed sense of purpose.

The spirit of MTP is like a little voice that whispers to your heart and dares you to grow, to dream, to be aware, to be conscious. I feel that this is the most unique aspect of MTP and the one that has changed me the most, drawing me back to participate in it again. MTP has a deeper purpose. It is not simply about creating a performance, but providing a place where one can feel confident to explore a deeper sense of faith in yourself and in the spirit.

Significant Emerging Connections

Teacher-student mentoring relationships outside of the classroom setting foster integrative learning.

The participatory aspect of ensemble theatre creates a learning community where peer-to-peer teaching and learning take place.

The integration of curricula and co-curricula addresses student life with greater profundity.

The collaborative process of this project exposes students to a wider range of difference that engages discourse across a broader multidimensional frame.


Emerging Project Themes

This experience—

  • Expands the worldview.
  • Expands the knowledge of self.
  • Expands the knowledge of literary and historical texts.
  • Encourages academics/sense of vocation.
  • Increases awareness of the connection between education and self/life.
  • Increases self-confidence.
  • Increases the value of education.