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Grounded in Pepperdine University’s affirmation that students are the heart of the academic enterprise, the faculty, staff, and leadership of Seaver College are committed to the total development of students. Seaver anchors this commitment in a comprehensive and rigorous academic curriculum rooted in the enduring tradition of the liberal arts; imbued with Christian values and focused on spiritual development through the integration of faith and learning; enhanced by residential living that fosters deep mentoring relationships between faculty/staff and students; and enriched by a commitment to nurture the emotional, physical, and mental development and wellness of all students. We affirm the interdependence of mind, body, and soul and the critical role that each plays in developing wisdom, health, and virtue. 

Seaver inspires graduates to use their education to serve, to seek answers to life’s greatest questions and challenges, and to develop the skills of vocational discernment. Seaver's approach to vocational development motivates graduates to use their education and talents to benefit the world and humankind, not solely for self-fulfillment and personal benefit. Integration of faith and learning challenges students to wrestle with questions of ethics and justice as Seaver students learn to meld values, knowledge, and action. 

As we enter the third decade of the 21st century, change in all segments of our society continues to occur at increasingly faster rates, knowledge advances and obsolesces seemingly overnight, and information and technology have been democratized. Preparing students for success in a rapidly changing and diverse world demands a curriculum that transcends the present and prepares students for lifelong learning. For this reason, Seaver College remains steadfast in its commitment to the liberal arts and to the multifaceted benefits this education offers. As the world changes, it is critical that our curricula and co-curricula adapt and are optimized to address the evolving educational needs of students. Preparing students for success in a diverse global community requires curricula and programs that reflect the multifaceted reality of our world. Success following graduation demands a careful and thoughtful integration of career development and readiness programming within the curriculum. Many efforts to review, change, and strengthen existing curricula and programs to better prepare students for the challenges of the next decade are presently in progress. This work must continue into the future by establishing processes that require continual and ongoing review.

In recent years, the Pepperdine community has been beset with tragedy and disruption, and this plan is being written in the midst of a once-in-a-century pandemic. These events and the challenges of life in a polarized society place Seaver students under unprecedented levels of stress. Despite this, our students continue to inspire us with their faithful dedication to their studies and their neighbors. It is the College’s divine calling to honor both our students’ successes and struggles, equipping them with the resources and programs to ensure that each student receives the full benefit of a Seaver education, one focused on their total development. 

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In the parable of the lost sheep, Jesus emphasizes the importance of every individual. Motivated by this teaching, Seaver College is committed to the success of each student enrolled in the College. Access to support and guidance is a key measure of equity, and success is manifested when each student graduates having received the full benefits of the institution. For this reason, we commit to supporting students in every area of the College, both curricular and co-curricular. The best and most impactful way we support students is through meaningful access to faculty and staff who nurture their development. We are committed to supporting and enriching the Student Success Center, a critical support resource where the ideals of service are applied to the academic success of students. The Office of International Student Services and the Career Center also are critical components of the College’s support network and their ongoing development must be continued to serve the needs of students. Seaver will maintain and enhance a symbiotic partnership with Student Affairs to continue to support the holistic development of students. 

The emotional, academic, and vocational development of students are best enriched when augmented with simultaneous spiritual development. At Seaver College, spiritual life is practiced in the quiet space of Stauffer Chapel, in larger community gatherings, through residence hall spiritual life advisors, and in spiritual mentoring relationships. Spiritual life is nurtured in every corner of our campuses and manifested in word, action, and deed through community relationships and diverse student-led ministries. The magnitude of God is revealed in the breathtaking Santa Monica Mountains and Pacific Ocean that surround us, the majesty of the ecosystem we cohabit, and the profound dignity of each member of our community.

Rooted in our abiding commitment to the Churches of Christ and its restoration heritage, our community is inspired by the teachings of Jesus Christ and lifted by a spirit of ecumenism. At Seaver College, all are welcome to see for themselves that the Lord is good. The spiritual development of students is fostered by the integration of faith and learning across the College and numerous programs, many residing in Student Affairs, which provide opportunities for worship and spiritual formation.

Delivering a premier educational experience in Malibu and across our International Program campuses is an expensive endeavor. The College’s tuition and total cost of attendance continue to increase at rates exceeding the cost of goods and services in other areas of the economy. This economic reality creates barriers to entering Seaver College that persist through graduation, particularly for students who require financial assistance to enroll. A student’s financial circumstances should not prohibit them from accessing a Seaver College education. 

Seaver College’s ability to produce inspired graduates prepared to lead and serve in the world requires the following: 

Objective One:

Our academic curriculum and co-curriculum, grounded in the liberal arts, will prepare students for success in the 21st Century.

  Objective One Blueprint
  • The core component of Seaver’s academic experience, the General Education program, will be thoughtfully reviewed and, if necessary, revised to ensure that it continues to prepare students for success in a rapidly changing, diverse world.

    • The College and its faculty will develop a process and structure that ensures the General Education program is continually reviewed and renewed on a seven-year cycle.  
  • The curricula in all academic major programs will reflect the best practices and highest standards of each discipline. They will be continually assessed and revised over time to assure they meet the College’s high academic standards.
  • Intercultural learning to advance both global and cultural intelligence will be fully integrated across the entire Seaver experience, both on the Malibu and International Programs campuses. 

    • Greater cultural immersion will be built into the curriculum and co-curriculum of all International Program experiences through partnerships and service.
  • The intentional integration of vocational and career programming throughout the curriculum and co-curriculum will improve student outcomes and opportunities. 
  • Thoughtful review and application of appropriate technology-focused pedagogies will provide new opportunities to augment student learning and faculty/student engagement.
  • To foster a robust learning environment outside of the classroom, the College will critically review and invest appropriately in existing co-curricular programs, while exploring opportunities for new offerings.


Objective Two:

Seaver College will dedicate itself to the holistic development of students.

  Objective Two Blueprint
  • Student access to faculty and staff will be enhanced through new programs and thoughtful investments that further the creation of mentoring relationships essential to student development.
  • The College and University will reconsider the goals of convocation and its role in students’ spiritual development.
  • A strong partnership with Student Affairs on programming related to student physical, emotional, and spiritual development will be maintained. These efforts will continue to support the RISE initiative to enhance resilience training.
  • Seaver College will continue to review student success metrics, including graduation and retention rates along with graduate school and employment outcomes as a part of our commitment to equity for every student.
  • Utilization of the Navigate platform will be expanded to enhance academic advising and major exploration to increase the quality of the student experience while removing impediments to students’ timely graduation.
  • In partnership with Alumni Relations, Seaver will continue its efforts to develop a signature experience for graduating seniors to ensure they feel celebrated and supported as they transition to the alumni community.

Objective Three:

Recognizing the critical role of faculty in producing inspired graduates, the College will act to both maintain and enhance the ability of faculty to excel in all areas. 

  Objective Three Blueprint
  • A critical examination of faculty responsibilities and workload will be performed to ensure the essential nature of the faculty/student mentoring experience is maintained or enhanced.
  • Seaver will enhance its foundational and fundamental promise to deliver a world-class educational experience by hiring and developing a faculty committed to academic excellence, and through the continued enrichment of the Center for Teaching Excellence.
  • Acknowledging that research and creative activity are critical to inspirational teaching, Seaver will provide increased support and assistance for faculty scholarship.
  • By thoughtful examination and refinement of existing programs and the development of new initiatives, the College will ensure an abiding commitment to faculty development.


Objective Four:

A Seaver College education will be accessible and affordable for all students.

  Objective Four Blueprint
  • Student scholarships and other forms of financial assistance will be greatly expanded. Student scholarships should be the primary focus of Seaver College in the University’s next advancement campaign.
  • The College will support the University by developing new revenue sources to diversify its revenue streams and reduce its high level of tuition dependency.
  • Our commitment to thoughtful fiscal resource management demands continued critical examination of all expenses and requires the College to discontinue activities and programs that no longer provide significant benefit to Seaver and its students. 
  • The indebtedness of students and families at the time of degree completion will be limited and controlled to ensure success after graduation.
  • Financial barriers to enrollment in International Programs will be lowered by providing scholarship support that covers the incremental costs associated with participation.