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Strategic Plan 2030: Values

Residing at the core of the 2030 Seaver College Strategic Plan are six values that have shapedthe College since its founding. Each will continue to guide its future. The values are:

  • Christian Faith
  • Truth
  • Excellence
  • Diversity
  • Humility
  • Service

These values are central to the identity of Seaver College. They are the cornerstone of our work; they frame our thinking, guide our actions, shape our cultivation of community, and inform our engagement with the world. In every step of the 2030 strategic planning process, these values molded our goals and priorities. No one value is limited to any single component of the plan. Rather, these values pervade every word of this document and every action we will manifest during the next ten years to make this plan a reality.

Christian faith frames Seaver's identity and work. As such, we participate in 2,000 years of Christian intellectual traditions as well as in Pepperdine's specific heritage in Churches of Christ, which have always emphasized education. As a Christian University, we affirm1 that God is, that God is uniquely revealed in Jesus of Nazareth and present in the Holy Spirit, and that through Christ we are reconciled to God. Pepperdine’s heritage in the Churches of Christ calls us to the diligent study of life, creation, and scripture, and to Christian unity that transcends denominational and creedal identities. Faith drives and informs the work of the College as we attempt to emulate the example of Jesus Christ in all we say and do. The University’s affirmation statement highlights many of the ways in which the academic enterprise of the College is edified by this collective commitment.

Seaver's Christian identity calls us to seek truth in all that we do. Arising from this commitment, we seek to know God’s eternal truth, which both supersedes and undergirds our human understanding of God’s truth. This relentless pursuit of truth is not in conflict with Christian identity and faith; rather, it arises from it. It is our moral obligation to treat the pursuit of truth with reverence and to strive continually for the knowledge and wisdom that comes from God.

Discerning God’s truth demands excellence in all we do: academic excellence, moral excellence, and excellence of character. Excellence at Seaver College does not mean perfection, nor does it mean besting others. We do not measure excellence merely by human standards, but by what is pleasing to God. Academic excellence means that we act as good caretakers of the gifts God has granted us. Moral excellence means that we are ambassadors of Christ through applying those gifts to the service of others. And excellence of character means that we are forthright and just in our treatment of others, recognizing the inviolable dignity of each child of God.

To gain a fuller understanding of the truth of God, a diverse set of voices, perspectives, and values must guide our pursuit of truth in order to transcend our individual, limited understanding of truth. God is the ultimate source of diversity. God created a physical world teeming with variety, including human beings who share in common the image of God. This image is not homogenous, but abounds with unique expressions of creativity: diverse identities and cultures, a wide array of ideas, languages, artistic expressions, and ways of conducting life together. As a Christian university, we cherish the God-granted diversity of our community and affirm that immersing all of God’s people in the pursuit of truth allows for the fullest possible exploration of God’s diverse creation.

In recognizing our humanness and limitations, we affirm that the process of seeking and comprehending God’s truth must be grounded in humility. Humility is the recognition of our proper place in creation, neither too lofty nor too low, as loved yet limited creations of God. As humans, we profess our creation by God and recognize that this status calls us into community with the fullness of our fellow creations. In so doing, we affirm our interconnectedness and interdependence with the totality of God’s creation. At Seaver College, we are called to seek to understand the complexity and fullness of God’s truth as expressed in creation. At the same time, we must approach this task sincerely, applying ourselves fully, without reservation, ego, or hubris. We must be humble enough to recognize our faults and limitations, always keeping an open mind to listen to and learn from others, especially when we are in the wrong.

Ultimately, our faith and search for truth call us to service in the world. If we are to emulate Christ, we must dedicate ourselves to service, as even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve. A dedication to humility and service is borne out in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, and we are privileged as a community to continue that work. At Seaver College, the culmination of our work and the great hope to which we aspire is to produce graduates who will join us in taking up the call to serve one another, fulfilling the vision of George Pepperdine to prepare students for lives of purpose, service, and leadership.