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Seaver Mission: Our Administration and Staff

Seaver staff at Pepperdine's University Honors


Administrators and staff members at Seaver College plan, structure, organize, supervise, coordinate, and carry out tasks which facilitate the work of the faculty and the interaction of faculty members and students, and which provide the co-curricular environment in which student development occurs. They share with the faculty the responsibility for achieving the college's goals within the framework of its mission statements. They must therefore share many of the same qualities and values which characterize the faculty. These include Seaver Administration and Staff.

Thorough preparation. Seaver administrators and staff members have adequate experience and/or professional preparation to perform with excellence, and a strong interest in constantly improving performance and skills.

Strength of character worthy of emulation. Administrators and staff members interact with students daily and in those interactions teach by example. In demonstrating a service orientation, maturity, and ethical clarity, they serve as role models along with the faculty. This aspect of their responsibility is no less important than the specific tasks which they perform.

A devotion to Christian moral and ethical values based upon a personal spiritual commitment. The power of these values is dependent upon an honest allegiance to them. Consequently, Seaver College, as an independent, church-related institution, appoints administrators and staff members who are themselves unreservedly committed to such values and who discipline their own lives by them. A significant majority of them base their commitment to such values, and their daily lives, on an active personal faith in Jesus Christ, and live out that faith in their churches and communities.

A sense of servanthood. Administrators and staff members understand themselves to be servant leaders, recognizing that commitment to Seaver's mission and the welfare of the Seaver faculty and students is the primary factor in every decision made, every task accomplished, and every personal interaction undertaken inside or outside the college.


Diversity is as significant among administrators and staff members as among the faculty and students. These groups, therefore, all exhibit diversity in cultural and racial heritage. Men and women are both represented. The makeup of the administration and staff reflects the University's Christian character, and within Christianity its strong historic relationship to Churches of Christ, while fully recognizing the valuable contributions of others who complement and share a commitment to the mission of Seaver College. Regardless of race, creed or cultural origins, all staff members and administrators will demonstrate a high level of competence.

Implementation and Evaluation. It is the responsibility of those who hire, supervise, and evaluate staff and administrators of the college to ensure that those under their supervision reflect the qualities noted above.