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Streaming Media Frequently Asked Questions

 How do I listen to a streaming media?

All upcoming events are listed with the corresponding date. If the event has not yet taken place, no Windows Media Player stream links are available.

 What do I need to listen to a streaming media?

You need an Internet connection, a sound card, speakers, and Windows Media Player from Microsoft. Links to this software are available in the tools section. These players can be downloaded from this location.

 What bandwidth are the streaming media broadcast in?

All our concerts and interviews are available in multiple bitrates (connection speeds). We offer 28.8k & 56k speeds for modem users as well as high-speed connections for broadband users.

 Why can't I download a streaming media?

These are provided in a "streaming" format and cannot be downloaded to your local computer.

 Does it cost anything to listen to a streaming media?

No the streaming media are made available free of charge and the required player software is also available at no cost. To listen to the shows you will need Windows Media Player.

 Can I get a video or audio tape of the streaming media from the University?

Recordings of performances are not readily available. However, if you do need a copy of a streaming media, please direct these requests to Scott Lamb at x6372.

 I have WebTV; can I still receive the streaming media?

The streaming media cybercasts are not currently compatible with WebTV.

 The content plays, but there are a number of pauses and the player says "buffering."

This problem is caused by network congestion, meaning there is not enough available bandwidth for the selected stream to play. Try again later when the network is less congested, or try tuning in at a lower nitrate.

 How do I listen to the streaming media behind a firewall?

Visit Windows Media Player Help for help configuring the Windows Media Player behind a firewall.

 I can't get my Windows Media Player to work, help!

Please visit the Windows Media Player help area for help with any issues you are having with their player.

 The player launches but I don't hear sound, what is wrong?

There could be a problem with your computer (do you have the sound card installed correctly? Are the speakers on your computer turned on?), network congestion from the Internet itself, or internal network congestion. If you can hear other archived media, but can't hear one particular event, please send us an email at 1trac@pepperdine.edu and specify the show so we can investigate the problem.

If you are still having problems viewing the briefings, please call 1-TRAC at (310) 506-4357