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Integrated Strategic Plan

Seaver 2020: In Pursuit of Excellence
A Strategic Plan for Seaver College

 The Seaver College strategic plan is the result of significant discussion among the various stakeholders of Seaver College. It is rooted in and reflects the thinking and work provided by three principal sources: the most recent Seaver College vision statement, "Lighting the Path to Leadership;" the 2010 presidential address, "Boundless Horizons;" and the University strategic plan, "Pepperdine 2020: Boundless Horizons." With these principle sources as a guide, this strategic plan strives to maintain the core values and genius of Seaver as an undergraduate school fully committed to delivering an educational experience that is academically rigorous and spiritually nourishing. It also aspires to outline a transformative educational experience that addresses the unique contemporary challenges of a rapidly changing and increasingly complex educational and global environment.

In his "Boundless Horizons" address, President Benton articulated five key themes for Pepperdine University and highlighted five areas of opportunity. His five themes were: advancing learning, knowledge, and scholarship; developing resources; building community; respecting diversity and promoting global understanding; and honoring God and heritage. He addressed the following five areas of opportunity: national and international engagement and presence, alumni leadership and institutional ownership, the library of the future, endowment and excellence, and right-sizing and financial stability...

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