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Chapel / Convocation Program Vision

Four students sitting in the amphitheatre, talking
The Seaver College Chapel/Convocation program is shaped by the spiritual life vision of Pepperdine University. Consistent with the institution’s rich heritage in the Churches of Christ and the theological convictions of this tradition, the program seeks to bear witness to the majesty and love of God by focusing on the nature and character of God, who loves each human being and has created each person in the image of God. The program seeks to express the radical hospitality of Jesus, so that all students feel welcomed into our community, and to explore central ideas of the Christian faith as revealed in scripture and enlivened by the Holy Spirit.

The Chapel/Convocation program is designed to welcome first- and second-year students, introduce them to the mission and Christian community of Pepperdine, and connect them with faculty, staff, and programs. We hope this program will inspire spiritual growth and set students on a path to pursuing the good life, that is, a life grounded in the love of God, neighbor, and self, devoted to the service of others, and enlivened by the continual pursuit of wisdom and human flourishing. The program is dedicated to character formation in the context of students’ spiritual journeys, presenting some of life’s most essential questions and equipping students with tools to discover the answers. Ultimately, the program will offer a winsome invitation to deepen or initiate faith while never pressuring students to do so. 

As we continue to prepare to deliver this program in the 2023-2024 academic year, the Seaver College Dean's Office and Convocation Advisory Committee welcomes feedback on the proposed Vision Document for the college's Chapel/Convocation program.


The 30-day review and comment period opened on March 31 and will conclude on May 1, 2023. All comments should be sent to the convocation program's email address seaverconvo@pepperdine.edu. Please help us shape and enrich this critically important program by sharing your feedback with Dean Feltner and the advisory committee.

We also warmly invite all faculty and staff to get involved in the convocation program by facilitating a breakout group. The groups may be a variety of sizes and formats. More information, including dates, may be found on the Convocation Breakout Group Form. Convocation is an opportunity to develop meaningful experiences for students that support them in their spiritual journeys, and we hope you will consider leading a breakout group.