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Computer Networks: COSC 475 (4)

The theory of computer networks and its applications. Network layers and protocols for the OSI reference model. TCP/IP and the Internet. Network programming using Java. Rudiments of queueing theory.

Prerequisites: MATH 350 or concurrent enrollment, COSC 450 or concurrent enrollment, and COSC 330.

Hours Topic
Introduction (4 hours)
1.0 The OSI reference model
3.0 The Java network programming model
The physical layer (4 hours)
2.0 Network hardware
2.0 Theoretical basis for data communication
The data link layer (6 hours)
3.0 Error detection and correction algorithms
3.0 Data link protocols
The medium access sublayer (4 hours)
2.0 Multiple access protocols
2.0 IEEE standards and bridges
The network layer (6 hours)
1.5 Routing algorithms
1.5 Congestion control algorithms
1.0 Internetworking
1.0 The network layer in the Internet
1.0 Fragmentation methods
The transport layer (5 hours)
2.0 Transport protocols
3.0 The Internet transport protocols (TCP/IP and UDP)
The application layer (7 hours)
2.0 Network security
2.0 Domain Name System (DNS)
3.0 Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
Distributed programming (7 hours)
3.0 CORBA programming
4.0 Java RMI programming
Queueing models (4 hours)
1.5 Homogeneous birth-death processes
2.5 The M/M/1 system

Total: 47.0 hours, excluding holidays, review sessions, and exams
*Fifty-minute class hours