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Computer Systems: COSC 330 (3)

A study of computers as multi-level systems. The machine level—binary representations, instruction sets, von Neumann machines. The assembly level—addressing modes, compiling to the assembly level, language translation principles. The operating system level—loaders, interrupts.

Prerequisite: COSC 320

Hours Topic
The Machine Level (9 hours)
1.5 Unsigned binary representation
1.5 Two's complement binary representation
1.0 Hexadecimal and character representation
2.0 von Neumann machines
1.5 Character input/output and direct addressing
1.5 Programming in machine language
The Assembly Level (13 hours)
2.0 Assemblers
1.0 Decimal input/output and immediate addressing
1.0 Symbols
1.0 Assignment statements
3.0 Branching instructions and flow of control
3.0 Stack-relative addressing and procedure calls
2.0 Indexed addressing and arrays
Language Translation Principles (9 hours)
2.0 Languages, grammars, and parsing
2.0 Finite state machines
2.0 Implementing finite state machines
3.0 Code generation
The Operating System Level (4 hours)
2.0 Loaders
2.0 Interrupts

Total: 35.0 hours, excluding holidays, review sessions, and exams

*Fifty-minute class hours

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