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Programming Paradigms: COSC 450 (4)

A study of three programming paradigms and their associated languages: the functional paradigm with Common Lisp, the logical/declarative paradigm with Prolog, and the concurrent processing paradigm with Java.

Prerequisite: COSC 221

Hours Topic
Functional Paradigm with Common Lisp (16 hours)
4.0 Common Lisp syntax, lists, S-expressions, recursion
4.0 Functions, lambda-expressions, closures
4.0 Function mapping, control blocks, lexical scoping, dynamic scoping
4.0 Input/Output, macros, symbolic processing
Logical/Declarative Paradigm with Prolog (15 hours)
3.0 Prolog syntax, unification and variable instantiation, back-tracking
1.0 Declarative and procedural semantics
2.0 Static and dynamic predicates
1.0 Input/Output
4.0 Lists and structures
4.0 Application to artificial intelligence
Concurrent Processing Paradigm with Java (16 hours)
4.0 Java syntax, Java threads
1.0 Process synchronization
2.0 Deadlock, live-lock, and indefinite postponement
2.0 Semaphores
2.0 Monitors
3.0 Synchronization design patterns
2.0 Java event-driven programming

Total: 47.0 hours, excluding holidays, review sessions, and exams

*Fifty-minute class hours

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