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Teacher Education: Critical Program Characteristics

The Seaver Teacher Education program is an integrated program in which professional education courses are completed concurrently with coursework for a bachelors degree.

Students may begin upper division professional education courses during second semester of sophomore year.

Professional education courses are taken as elective units during undergraduate career.

Post-baccalaureate credit is available to credential candidates who complete the program after graduation requirements are met.

Educational technology is embedded in foundations courses, methods courses, and seminars. Students complete a one-week educational technology workshop prior to beginning full time student teaching.

Students gain experience working with students in a variety of grade levels and school settings, including students who are economically, culturally, and linguistically diverse.

Foundation courses include 40 hours of K-12 classroom experience. Methods courses include 210 hours of K-12 classroom experience. Full time student teaching is a semester-long full day placement in a K-12 classroom.