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Notable Alumni

Most George Pepperdine and Seaver College students pursuing a BA degree in history do so because of their love of the subject and their sense that the major prepares them to lead intelligent and reflective lives in a global society. Many, however, use the major as a pre-professional degree, going on to earn graduate degrees in history, law, business, and education. Listed below is a select list of alumni who, over the past two decades principally, have completed their BA and/or MA degrees in history and matriculated to professional or graduate academic programs, or who have established distinguished careers in commerce or education.

BA alumni in history who have earned the JD degree:

William Anthony Baird, ’94 (JD, Pepperdine University)
William C. Boston, ‘91 (JD, Oklahoma City University)
Lee Caldwell, ‘96 (JD, UCLA)
Ray Malone Camp, Jr., ‘96 (JD, Pepperdine University)
Rick Cupp, ‘83 (JD, University of California, Davis)
Matthew D. Donley, ‘98 (JD, Pepperdine Univ.)
Robert Hamilton Edgerton, ’80 (JD, Pepperdine University)
Cindy Suzanne Ferrier, ’91 (JD, Univ. of Denver)
Scott A. Horton, ’92 (JD, Pepperdine University)
Zer Iyer, ‘98 (JD, University of San Francisco)
Kipp Landis, ‘89 (JD and MA, Pepperdine University)
Michael S. Marshall, ’95 (JD, Pepperdine University)
James D. Plutchak, ’95 (JD, Pepperdine University)
Karen S. Whatley Price, ’90 (JD, University of Alabama)
Peter John Prinos, ’89 (JD, Pepperdine University)
Dale Stefan Reicheneder, ’89 (JD, Loyola-Marymount University)
Todd Roles, ‘95 (JD, University of Arizona)
Christine Anne Porter Schulenburg, ’93 (MA, Pepperdine Univ.; JD candidate,
     University of Arizona)
James D. Stevens, ’94 (JD, Pepperdine University)
David Sugden, ’98 (JD, Pepperdine University)
Nathanael Welch Thomas, ’97 (MA and JD, Pepperdine University)
Shylie D. Thomas, ’98 (JD, Pepperdine University)
Ashley White, ’76 (JD, Pepperdine University)

Alumni who are pursuing or have completed PhD degrees in history (unless otherwise noted):

Heather Barry, BA ’95, MA ‘97 (PhD, ’02, SUNY-Stony Brook)
Mark Beasley, BA ’78, MA ’88 (PhD, ’97, Texas Christian University, now teaching at
     Hardin-Simmons University)
Lara Tobias Bickell, MA ‘97 (ABD, Claremont Graduate School)
Bruce M. Bradberry, BA ’69, MA ’76 (Doctorate, now teaching at Deary High School,
David Greer, BA ’87 (ABD, Texas Christian University, now teaching at Rochester
Matt Hopper, BA ’95 (MA, Temple University; PhD candidate, UCLA)
Jason Jewell, MA ‘97 (ABD, Humanities, Florida State University)
Candace Jones, BA ‘99, MA03 (PhD candidate, UC-Berkeley)
Steven M. Karr, MA ’98 (PhD, ’01, Oklahoma State University, now history curator at
     Los Angeles Museum of Natural History)
Sean Patrick Lane, BA ’96 (PhD candidate, Claremont Graduate School)
Loretta Long, BA ’92, MA’94 (PhD, ’98, Georgetown University, now teaching at
     Seaver College)
Patricia Erin Loughlin, BA ’93, MA ’96 (PhD, ’00, Oklahoma State University, now
     teaching at the University of Central Oklahoma)
Timothy J. McMannon, BA ’85, MA ’87 (PhD, ’94, Univ. of Washington, now teaching
     at Highline Community College, Des Moines, WA)
Troy R. Paddock, BA ’87 (PhD, ’95, UC-Berkeley, now teaching at Southern
     Connecticut University)
David O. Porter, MA ‘98 (PhD candidate, George Washington University)
JoAnn McKee Young, BA ‘85, MA’87 (ABD, Texas Christian University, now teaching
     at Abilene Christian University)
Scott Dwelle Welch, BA ’94, MA ’99 (PhD, ’02 in crisis management, George
     Washington University)

History alumni who pursued careers or graduate degrees not related to history as a profession:

George R. Allen, BA ’91, MA 97 (ESL junior high school teacher)
Michael F. Boster, BA ’82, MA ‘84 (CIA)
Zac Bulliner, MA ’01 (U.S. Secret Service agent)
Darin S. Campbell, BA ’95 (MS, psychology, Abilene Christian University)
Lenore B. Bates Chesney, BA‘76 (MBA, Pepperdine University)
Tiffany Anne Coody, BA ’91 (High school teacher)
Jeffrey M. Copans, BA ’82 (Corporate executive)
Tyler H. Ferrer, BA ’98 (MBA, Pepperdine University)
Desiree Kinney Higginbotham, BA ’95 (Management consultant)
Philip Andrew McElhinney, BA ’91 (Real estate)
Michelle Mulkey, BA ‘00 (Community activists)
Robert M. Randolph, MA ’65 (Senior Associate Dean for Student Life, MIT)
Rosanna Reyes, BA ‘97 (Officer, U.S. Marine Corp)
Tari Frahm Rokus, BA ’76 (Corporate executive)
Eric Scott Rust, BA ’90 (High school teacher)
Carolyn J. Sharp, BA ’99 (High school teacher)
Cynthia Ann Jones Wade, BA ’91 (MA, Am. Studies, Pepperdine Univ.; High school

George Pepperdine College BA alumni who completed PhD degrees in history:

J. Wayne Baker, ’62 (PhD, ’70, University of Iowa, now retired from Univ. of Akron,
Steven S. Lemley, ’66 (PhD, ’72, in communication, Ohio State University, teaching at
     Pepperdine University)
Robin Lester, ’62 (Ph.D, ’74, University of Chicago, with subsequent career as
     professor, headmaster, and author.)
Hurbert Luft, ’65 (PhD, ’76, University of Southern California, now retired from Seaver
William G. Morgan, ’62 (PhD, ’69, University of Southern California, formerly of Oral
     Roberts University)
Stephen E. Sale, ’60 (PhD, ’73, University of Southern California, now retired from
     Seaver College)
David D. Webb, ’62 (PhD, ’78, University of Oklahoma, teaching at University of
     Central Oklahoma)