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Applying for a nationally competitive fellowship can be a rewarding process. It can also be intimidating and overwhelming. But you can count on one thing: you will not win if you do not apply.

But should you apply? That is a valid question. So take time to determine the right answer for you.

Should I apply?

First, realize that the application is a process not a form. That process starts with researching the fellowships. Each one has it’s own mission, values, and eligibility criteria. Each one caters to a particular niche of students, for example those wanting to study in the U.K., those wanting to teach English abroad, or those wanting to focus on language learning. Selecting the right fellowship is the first step in the process. Nothing can replace the time that you spend researching each fellowship and the particular details of the one(s) to which you ultimately choose to apply.

Second, evaluate yourself. Are you a good fit for the fellowship? Does this fellowship advance your long-term goals? Are you willing to put in the time to complete a competitive application?

Pepperdine students have had great success in receiving nationally competitive fellowships. It is very possible that you too can see your face on the honor wall. But, regardless of whether you are eventually selected as a recipient, the process is rewarding. You will emerge with a greater sense of your passions and the direction you wish to pursue.

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