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The Journey

Glenelg mountain over water

We begin our eight-week journey in the Highlands of Scotland hosted by Eddie and Donna Stivens in Balcraggie, Glenelg. Eddie Stivens is a Scottish playwright who has run cultural programs in the Highlands and Islands for visiting students from abroad since 1996 and is an expert highland storyteller. This week will include visits to cultural centers of training, both on the Isle of Skye and in Plockton, and interaction with the local community within Glenelg.

This will provide students with a firsthand experience of the Scots' value and commitment for their Gaelic culture, both for traditional arts inheritance and continuous testimony of how these inform the Scottish psyche.

Alex Fthenakis and Eddie Stivens at the Ceilidh

Alex Fthenakis & Eddie Stivens perform at the community Ceilidh in Glenelg

This week also offers a time for personal reflection and creative musings preparing the company for the quick pace of Glasgow and our intensive class/rehearsal schedule. At the end of the week we will gather with the Glenelg community for a Ceilidh (KAY LEE), an evening of shared poetry, storytelling, music and dance.