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Technology Requirements

Notebook Computer Purchase Requirement

If you are planning to major in accounting, business administration, or international business, please be aware that the Business Administration Division, in an effort to prepare students for the professional marketplace, has adopted a laptop computer requirement for incoming students. Business students will be required to own:

  1. A Windows compatible wireless laptop computer that meets Pepperdine University's Minimum Technology Requirements.
  2. Microsoft Office 2019. You must keep your original installation media.

This requirement applies to all students, including first-years and transfers.


  1. Pepperdine University and the Business Administration Division strongly recommend Windows 10 Home or Professional as your Windows operating system.

For more information, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Software Requirement

Along with the computer requirement, students must own a copy of Microsoft Office 2019.

Always keep your original installation media. Some of our classes require additional tools for Microsoft Excel. Many of the advanced features are not included in the "typical" or default Office installation. If you install with the Typical Install, you can always add these missing features later. You will need your original Microsoft Office installation media; this is why we ask students to keep their original installation media in a safe and accessible location and be prepared to bring the media to class if requested.

Purchase and Pricing

Dell computers are available for purchase through a special Dell Premier store for Pepperdine University and are eligible for warranty service on campus. For additional information:

For academic discounts on other products or software, please check the Pepperdine University Computer Store website.