Accounting Major and Minor

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The accounting degree program at Seaver College prepares students for careers in public accounting and the accounting industry, providing both business and nonbusiness majors with backgrounds in financial or managerial accounting. The accounting major emphasizes critical thinking and analysis, incorporating real-world examples and projects throughout the program.

Accounting Degree

Our accounting degree program's size enables students to work closely with faculty through their coursework, career-oriented networking, and social events. Accounting majors have opportunities to learn about the profession through discussions with alumni, faculty, and leaders in the field.

Recommended Course Sequences

Accounting Minors

  • Accounting minor for business majors (managerial emphasis)
  • Accounting minor for business majors (financial emphasis)
  • Accounting minor for nonbusiness majors

Student Opportunities

Service Leadership Project

Our undergraduate business administration majors in accounting, business, and international business as well as nonprofit management minors all take a required course called the Service Leadership Project, designed to blend academic study with community service. Students form consulting teams to serve nonprofit organizations by applying business concepts and skills to mutually agreed-upon projects.

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Nonprofit Leadership Collaborative

The Nonprofit Leadership Collaborative prepares all undergraduate students at Seaver College for a life of service personally and professionally while strengthening the impact of the nonprofit sector in our community.

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Clubs and Activities

Our students are part of a number of clubs and societies, including the Accounting Society, Alpha Kappa Psi, Delta Sigma Pi, Pepperdine Microfinance Club, Pepperdine Entrepreneur Club, Rotaract, and the Sports Business Association.

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Our Business Administration Division has a full-time faculty member serving as an internship coordinator for our students. We offer internships for academic credit and encourage students to take advantage of the wealth of internship opportunities in the Los Angeles area.

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Our division offers the following departmental scholarships to current students:

  • Maxy Pope Alles Scholarships
  • Michael R. Summers Memorial Scholarship
  • Peggy Bales Scholarship

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Alumni Destinations

After the successful completion of our program, our students go on to work with major companies and organizations, pursue graduate degrees, attend law school, or start their own entrepreneurial ventures.

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