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Applying for Full Status

Before official acceptance into the Business Administration Division, students will be classified as pre-accounting, pre-business administration, or pre-international business majors.

Students may apply for full admission to the division after completion of at least forty-eight units with an overall grade point average of 2.5 or higher. Applications will only be accepted after grades are received.

Additionally, a student must be admitted to the major before completing 85 academic credits, unless the student has received an advance waiver from the Business Administration Division.

Admission to the Business Administration Division is not automatic. The process is highly competitive and students are encouraged to aim for an even higher grade point average than the minimum. Participation in Convocation and extracurricular activities will also improve the likelihood of full admission. Please consult the Academic Catalog below to see the requirements for full admission.

To learn about the major courses, please select a major from the left menu. You may also contact the Business Administration Division Office.


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