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Service Leadership: Project Types

Projects vary from survey design and evaluation to business and marketing plans to financial analysis. How should your organization select an appropriate project?

Begin by determining if your organization has a legitimate business problem appropriate for this course. Examples:

  • Organization wants to open a resale store and needs business plan.

  • Organization wants to expand and needs a market analysis of new location.

  • Organization wants to determine satisfaction of clients.

  • And so on...

Once you have determined a possible project, ensure that the project meets the following guidelines:

  1. The project must be within the confines of a business-related project/problem. Please, no event planning, web page design, or door-to-door sales. The major offers no courses in these areas and such projects are not the intent of this course.

  2. Project should be designed to last approximately 10 weeks from start to finish.

  3. The project should not require the student consulting team to work at your organization. The project should be such that the team can do most of the work AWAY from the organization using resources at the university and elsewhere.

  • Articulate the project in writing as part of the application process (see Partnering Organization/Client Application).

  • While you are welcome to give suggestions for how the team should address the problem, leave enough ambiguity for them to be creative and resourceful in developing their own methodology for how to solve the problem.>

  • Keep in mind... this is a class. Many of the students will have no "real world" working business experience. The temptation will be to either give them too many details thus leaving them no room for problem-solving and decision-making... or to be too ambiguous thus leaving them to spend most of the semester just trying to figure out the problem. Select a project that is a balance of both: structure and ambiguity.