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Students seated outside Mullin Town Square

Factors to Consider When Choosing a College

Determining where you want to spend the next four years of your life is challenging. Explore the factors you should consider when deciding where to attend college.

Students gathered in Mullin Town Square

End of the Semester Survival Guide

Get tips on how to thrive, not simply survive, the final weeks of the semester.

Student in a hammock in Alumni Park

Best Study Spots on Campus

Pepperdine University is known for its ocean view and scenic campus but when you need to be productive, where is the best place to study?

Student studying in Payson library

Conducting Undergraduate Research: Humanities and Teacher Education

Explore the world of undergraduate research in the Humanities and Teacher Education Division.

Seaver student listening to a sound board

Conducting Undergraduate Research: Communication

Explore research conducted by students and faculty in the Communication Division.

Kelly Sullenberger

Role of Social Media in College Admission

Are college admission counselors reviewing your social media accounts? Explore how an online presence can play into admission.

AYURI students in front of their poster presentation

Conducting Undergraduate Research: Natural Science

Explore the types of research opportunities Seaver College students and faculty pursue.

Hubert Vos, Empress Dowager Artwork

Conducting Undergraduate Research: Fine Arts

Explore how Fine Arts Division faculty and students examined music of the Holocaust, traditional Chinese art and fashion, and experiences during COVID-19.

Lexi Johnson Seaver Admission Counselor

The Impact of a Pepperdine Education

Seaver College admission counselor Lexi Johnson (’20) shares how Pepperdine contributed to her personal development and how it can help shape yours.

Katie White and her brother near Stauffer Chapel

Pepperdine: A Family Affair

Katie White (’18) shares the perks of attending college with her siblings.