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Five Things You Should Know About Pepperdine Before Applying

Picking a college can be an extremely challenging decision. The best way to make that life-changing commitment is to familiarize yourself with everything a potential college has to offer. With that being said, here are some unique qualities Pepperdine is proud to possess.

Location Matters

Surfing . . . as a college class? You heard that right! Pepperdine offers its very own surf class at Zuma beach on Friday mornings in which you can actually earn course credit. Our beautiful Malibu campus is nestled between the Santa Monica Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, so Pepperdine provides countless opportunities for outdoor recreation—from surfing to hiking to rock climbing and camping. Our ideal campus location is also situated closely to Santa Monica and Los Angeles, making an abundance of internship and entertainment opportunities highly accessible to our students.


Come to Pepperdine and the odds are you will leave a winner. Nine out of 10 of our graduates have full-time jobs, are pursuing graduate degrees, volunteering, or serving in the military. Our students are well rounded due to their experiences inside of the classroom as well as their involvement in clubs, organizations, and our study abroad programs. As a result, our graduates are highly skilled for today’s diverse workplace. The amazing alumni will keep you connected, the career center will provide helpful resources, and our faculty and staff will continue to remain accessible. When you leave Pepperdine, you don’t leave alone. 

Class Size

At Pepperdine you are more than just a number, you are a valued member of a community that is built on fostering not just a depth of knowledge but a breadth of knowledge as well. Pepperdine has and will continue to emphasize making education personal. Our small class sizes—with an average of just 19 students—are intentional. Such intimate classes promote a discussion-based learning environment, allowing our students and faculty to cultivate relationships that enhance the entire educational experience. 

Student Life/Activities

Are you passionate about dancing? Are you a fan of Pokémon? Can you see yourself ice skating in Southern California? Pepperdine is not just an institution of learning, but a community of opportunities where students can pursue their passions and engage in experiences across many different disciplines. From school traditions, outdoor recreational activities, and more than 100 clubs and organizations, our Waves are able to benefit from the countless possibilities our Malibu campus has to offer.

International Programs

Imagine ending class for the week at 2 PM on a Thursday, and hopping on a plane to Spain or a train to France by 7! Through one of Pepperdine’s many International Programs, this could be your reality. With six main-campus options in Argentina, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Washington, DC, and many others to choose from during the summer, Pepperdine students have the opportunity to apply for the adventure of a lifetime as soon as they arrive on campus as first-year students. All International Programs are operated through Pepperdine University—students go abroad with their cohort of Pepperdine students and study with Pepperdine faculty. Additionally, most of the classes offered abroad are General Education courses that all Pepperdine students must take to fulfill their degree requirements—so most students can easily incorporate time abroad into their academic plan! At Pepperdine University, adventure is calling . . .