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Wildfire & Biodiversity

Nolan Gentile and Conor Kramer

Nolan Gentile and Conor Kramer have been investigating the impact of recent wildfires on the geomorphology of streams since February 2022 and how these changes in geomorphology will affect the overall biodiversity of amphibian, reptile, and insect species in the Santa Monica Mountains. In recent years, numerous stream sites that had previously been the source of our lab’s experiments have been burned from fires, raising questions about the health status of the amphibian, reptile, and insect communities inhabiting these streams. They are focusing now on determining the species richness of frogs, newts, lizards, snakes, and numerous insects as well as analyzing the streams themselves, measuring the physical composition and dimensions as well as water flow, pH, water and air temperature, and turbidity to identify any noteworthy correlations.


stream depth measurement

green tree and rocky stream

nolan and a crayfish

rocky waterfall and stream

newt in gloved hand

newt in palm of hand

tree frog small

two striped garter snake small

upper arroyo transformation small

nature small

nature small

nature w/ person small

nature small

flowers small

frog small

salamander small

salamander w/ focus on tail small

something shedding small


green stream small