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Group Project

Our stream ecology team is a group of students who study the intricate relationships between living organisms and their surrounding environment in riparian ecosystems. Our team utilizes a variety of tools and techniques, such as water quality testing, aquatic organism identification, and ecosystem sampling, to understand the complex dynamics of these aquatic systems. The team plays an important role in environmental conservation, helping to identify and mitigate threats to stream health such as pollution, habitat degradation, and invasive species. By studying these unique and vital ecosystems, our stream ecology team contributes to a greater understanding of our local biodiversity and helps to ensure the sustainability of these important natural resources for future generations. Thanks to an ongoing partnership with the United States Geological Survey (USGS), all of these vital aspects of stream ecology are achieved.


gray frog on a rock

newt measured

green slime on finger

waterfall with student

smiling newt in blue sleeved hand

waterfall on rocks with trees

snake in hand

frogs in a crack in the rocks