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Current Research


Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis

Bti (Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis)

Researcher David Addison has been investigating the effects of a common insecticide on crayfish behavior.


Student holding a crawfish

Invasive Crayfish & Fish

Research Analise Nash has been investigating the effects of chemical cues on invasive crayfish behavior. 


hand holding an amphibian

Reclaimed Water & Tadpole Behavior

Researcher Jack Keoseyan has been investigating the effects of two primary issues facing native stream wildlife in the Santa Monica Mountains: urbanization and invasive species.


Creek and foilage

Wildfire & Biodiversity

Researchers Nolan Gentile and Conor Kramer have been investigating the impact of recent wildfires on the geomorphology of streams and how these changes affect the overall biodiversity of amphibian and insect species.


Student overlooking her experiment

Wildfire, Water Quality, and Invasive Species

Researcher Elise DeArment has been investigating the impact of wildfires on stream water quality since 2019, after the Woolsey fire of 2018.