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Intercultural Affairs Student Groups

Armenian Student Association (ASA)

ASA mission: To provide an outlet for Armenians and non-Armenians to come together and learn about the Armenian culture, educate the Pepperdine community and give back to the Los Angeles Armenian community through service.

Contact: Sarin Aladadi,

Blue and Orange Indonesian Society (BOIS)

Our organization aims to build and strengthen relationships in the Pepperdine Indonesian community as well as promote cultural awareness and diversity to the Pepperdine Campus. We aim to strengthen our unity as Indonesian nationals in Pepperdine.

Contact: Grace Margaretha,

Black Student Association (BSA)

The Pepperdine Black Student Association is a cultural, educational and social organization committed to educating the Pepperdine community on all Black cultures and celebrating the uniqueness of our heritages while promoting unity among the student body.
BSA is committed to encouraging lives of leadership and excellence for all students and to developing each member culturally, personally, socially, spiritually and academically.

Contact: Brittni Moore, and Anaka Osborne,

Chinese Student Association (CSA)

To form a supportive and nurturing community for Chinese international students that will allow for them to assimilate into the American culture while promoting a positive image of China. In doing this, we desire to reach out to the Pepperdine community and form bonds that will help to strengthen US-China relations for the future and to promote education, cultural understanding, and appreciation of diversity at our campus.

Contact: Sijia Wang,

Cultural Italian American Organization (CIAO)

To foster a community where students can pursue or find passion for Italian culture, language, and people.

Contact: Cassandra Santamaria,

Filipino Club / Philipino American Student Association (PASA/Pakikisama)

As the Pepperdine Filipino Club, we strive to create a stronger "pakikisama" or community that embraces Filipino culture through entertainment, education, and service.

Contact: Hannah Imson,

Genesis Gospel Choir

The Genesis Gospel Choir is a student-led ministry dedicated to fostering a community of gospel singers, promoting communion through songs.

Contact: Nancy Zelaya,

Hawai'i Club

Hawai'i Club aims to educate, engage, and bring the unique "island" culture to Seaver College students through enriching experiences and programs geared towards promoting awareness and respect towards the Hawaiian Culture. In building an understanding of the diverse community of our university and the world, we aim to prepare culturally competent graduates for purposeful lives devoted to Christian discipleship, service, mercy, and justice in local, national, and global context.

Contact: Jeffrey Chu,

Japan Student Union (JSU) / Japan Club

To provide and foster a community of students of either Japanese descent and/or interest in Japanese culture through various events and activities which focus on the celebration of Japanese culture and beliefs. Conjunctionally, the club engages and educates the greater student body about this "minority" in the belief that cultural awareness is an indivisible feature of academic excellence and spiritual growth empowering works of purpose, service, and leadership with the eradication of ignorance through understanding.  

Contact: James Hamada,

Korean Student Association (KSA)

KSA is dedicated to providing a place where the Korean culture comes alive while providing a family-like atmosphere focused on unity.

Contact: Reena Choi,

Latino Student Association (LSA)

The Latino Student Association is an ethnic and social organization designed to encourage the appreciation for diversity and the pursuit of cultural awareness. We provide the Pepperdine community with the opportunity to experience and celebrate the Latino culture. Our mission is to empower, educate, and promote Latin culture on campus.

Contact: Alexandria Tucker,

Pepperdine International Club

Forthcoming club description.

Contact: Sharon Wakio,

Step Team

Pepperdine Step Team seeks out those unique individuals who have the same mindset that we carry, which is to create a positive and uplifting environment for the team and for Pepperdine's campus. We bring a different form of dance as an art form and expression, creating a community with diversity, comfort, and creativity. We encourage our members to use step as an outlet for their own creative expression outside of the classroom.

Contact: Alana Hutchinson,

Howard A. White Center (HAWC)
Intercultural Affairs Office
(310) 506-6860

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