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Intercultural Affairs Student Groups

Armenian Student Association (ASA)

The Armenian Student Association is a non-profit organization that fosters and promotes Armenian culture and heritage to the Pepperdine Community. Furthermore, the Armenian Student Association seeks to raise efforts to bring about an awareness of the Armenian Community in the Malibu and Los Angeles area, by providing a space where Armenian-American undergraduates can connect with their roots, network with one another, and
give back to their communities. Pepperdine ASA strives to cultivate an understanding and appreciation of Armenian history, heritage, and culture through social, philanthropic, and educational activities.

Contact:  Nona Mitoyan: nona.mitoyan@pepperdine.edu

Blue and Orange Indonesian Society (BOIS)

Our organization aims to build and strengthen relationships in the Pepperdine Indonesian community as well as promote cultural awareness and diversity to the Pepperdine Campus. We aim to strengthen our unity as Indonesian nationals in Pepperdine.


Black Student Association (BSA)

The Black Student Association's mission is to promote unity and cultural awareness, as well as to expose the Pepperdine community to the unique and universal qualities and traits of Black cultures. BSA is also focused on providing a safe space for our Black students to express their thoughts and opinions during their time here at Pepperdine. BSA is committed to encouraging lives of leadership and excellence for all students and to developing each member culturally, personally, socially, spiritually and academically.

Contact:  Darylynn Horton:darylynn.horton@pepperdine.edu

Chinese Student Association (CSA)

The Chinese Student Association (CSA) is the first Chinese organization serving the growing Chinese-American community at Pepperdine University and is dedicated to improving cultural awareness on the campus as well as providing support for those who come from a common background. Our purpose is "to promote better understanding and identification with the Chinese (Chinese-American) culture and heritage. It is our passion to act as a uniting force for all students and serve as a catalyst for positive action across all cultural groups."

Denny Wu: Zhishun.wu@pepperdine.edu

Echo Xing: jiaqi.xing@pepperdine.edu


Crossroads is a student-run organization that serves to provide a safe space where all LGBTQ+ students and allies can gain loving support and engage in dialogue around LGBTQ+ matters. In a community where depression and loneliness are high, Crossroads seeks to provide
an open space where LGBTQ+ students and their allies can challenge themselves and others in hopes of bringing confidence and self-understanding to their lives. Crossroads strives to promote sensitivity, to foster tolerance, and to encourage the discussion of Biblical, spiritual,
cultural, and social issues pertaining to the LGBTQ+ community. Crossroads seeks to address misunderstanding, exclusion and aversive homophobia while also challenging negative stereotypes.

Contact: Dylan Sacenti: dylan.sacenti@pepperdine.edu

Cultural Italian American Organization (CIAO)

CIAO club seeks to promote Italian culture at Pepperdine through opportunities centered on language development, cultural understanding, and relationships with fellow Italian students. We envision a campus where students of many backgrounds feel comfortable and supported, and we believe that starts with events like ours, intended to share the unique qualities of cultures around the globe. We also strive to be a foundation for students in the
Florence program by both preparing them for their year abroad and offering a place for community once they return. Come check us out!

Contact: Steven Matkins: steven.matkins@pepperdine.edu

Filipino Club / Philipino American Student Association (PASA/Pakikisama)

"Pakikisama means 'camaraderie' or 'the ability to get along with others' in Tagalog. Our club actively strives to promote diversity on Pepperdine's campus by sharing the culture and heritage of the Filipino people while inviting students, faculty, and staff to partake in our traditions. We hope to create a community that celebrates cultural awareness and unites in each other's differences through purpose, service, and leadership."

Contact: Katherine Kawachi: katherine.kawachi@pepperdine.edu


Hawai'i Club

Hawai'i Club aims to educate, engage, and bring the unique "island" culture to Seaver College students through enriching experiences and programs geared towards promoting awareness and respect towards the Hawaiian Culture. In building an understanding of the diverse community of our university and the world, we aim to prepare culturally competent graduates for purposeful lives devoted to Christian discipleship, service, mercy, and justice in local, national, and global context.

Contact: Aimee Gabalis: aimee.gabalis@pepperdine.edu


Indian Student Association

 Our purpose is to help build a community for all the Indians and Non-Indians as well as to educate the Pepperdine community about our Rich Indian Heritage and Culture.

Contact: Rahool Arun: rahool.arun@pepperdine.edu

Japan Student Union (JSU) / Japan Club

 Japan Student Union (JSU) is an organization which provides students opportunities to interact each other and share the culture of Japan that may allow students to broaden their diverse perspectives. JSU will be hosting heritage events on campus, such as sushi nights and game nights, planning some activities off campus, communicating with Japan clubs of other Southern California campus, and providing career opportunities for students who are interested in working globally between U.S. and Japan. We are open to any students regardless of cultural background, and strive to develop Japanese community at Pepperdine University.

Contact: Anh Ngo: anh.ngo@pepperdine.edu

First Generation Club

First Gen is a club where first generation college students and allies of first generation college students come together to create an empowering and supportive community. Through social events, partnering with fellow faculty, staff, and programs on Seaver Campus, and through each other, success for everyone is attainable.

Contact: Isabel Cornavaca:  isabel.cornavaca@pepperdine.edu

Korean Student Association

KSA seeks to promote cultural awareness by sharing the Korean heritage and by promoting an understanding of the Korean culture. KSA provides an avenue for all students with the common interest and desire to know more about the Korean culture by fostering an environment through hosting campus-wide activities that pertain to Korean culture, convocations, and promoting cultural awareness. The primary objective of KSA is to inspire
students to grow in their identity, sense of community and/or understanding of the Korean culture.

Contact: Ashley Yoon: hyein.yoon@pepperdine.edu

Latino Student Association (LSA)

The Latino Student Association is an ethnically and socially based organization that is designed to encourage the appreciation for diversity and the pursuit of cultural awareness. We provide the entire Pepperdine community, including both Latino and non-Latino students with the opportunity to experience, celebrate, and embrace the Latino culture on campus.

Contact: Salina Perez, salina.perez@pepperdine.edu


Rotaract Club


Pepperdine Step Team

"Pepperdine Step Team strives to create a community where artistic expression belongs to everyone seeking personal growth through the art of dance. Step Team not only encourages an outlet of expression, comfort, and creativity, but we also seek to empower and educate those on campus about other cultures and forms of dance."

Contact: Sharra Hardy: sharra.hardy@pepperdine.edu

Howard A. White Center (HAWC)
Intercultural Affairs Office
(310) 506-6860

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