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International Student Engagement and Support

In alignment with Pepperdine’s 2030 strategic plan to “enhance diversity and deepen a sense of belonging at Pepperdine,”  ICA included International student support and programming among its five pillars. Across all five schools at Pepperdine, ICA facilitates activities, excursions, and programs that create unique spaces for international students to network and build meaningful relationships while meeting their diverse needs.

These experiences are designed to help build a sense of belonging among international students and promote an overall welcoming, inclusive, and accessible environment that encourages student learning, engagement, and retention. Having staff who understand the varied needs of international students across all five schools helps ICA to serve as a cultural broker and ensure they have the resources needed to feel at “home away from home.” 

Please reach out to Sharon Wakio at sharon.wakio@pepperdine.edu if you have any questions.