Meet the ICA Staff Team

David L. Humphrey, Jr.

Associate Dean of Student Affairs for Diversity and Inclusion

David L. Humphrey Jr. currently serves as Associate Dean of Student Affairs for Diversity Inclusion at Pepperdine University, where he is charged with providing leadership and vision for programs and services that promote diversity, equity, and the inclusion of all students at Pepperdine University. David is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Philosophy from Ball State University (Muncie, IN) with research interests in hermeneutic philosophy, racial identity development (African American and Latino males), and critical pedagogy. David's work centers on disrupting deficit-based approaches to the work of diversity and inclusion, which position diversity as non-normative, exotic, and additive. Our ultimate goal is to foster intercultural spaces of mutual discovery, transformation, and identity expansion. This approach will value narrative and story telling as a powerful tool in interrogating and disrupting harmful spaces of silence and oppression, replacing spaces of silence and oppression with an infrastructure of care and inclusivity that honors and affirms all students and staff within Student Affairs. David earned a MA in Educational Studies (Higher Ed) from Eastern Michigan University, a MDiv from Liberty University, and a BA in Psychology from Alabama A&M University.

Rebecca Campos

Director, Intercultural Affairs

Rebecca Campos is a graduate of the Pepperdine School of Public Policy where she specialized in Economics and International Affairs. She received her BA in International Affairs from Lewis and Clark College. Prior to receiving her Master's in Public Policy she worked for the United Nations in her home country of Jamaica. Since receiving her MPP she has worked in higher education in the capacity of
student affairs and as an adjunct professor serving first generation underrepresented college students and guardian scholars. Rebecca returned to Pepperdine in 2017 to serve as Coordinator or Learning and Engagement. Rebecca hopes to enhance the undergraduate experience for all students and foster a safe, welcoming, and inclusive campus environment.

Corrie Zacharia

Program Director for International Student Engagement

As a Seaver alumna, and having served in Seaver Admissions and International Programs, Corrie brings to Intercultural Affairs a wealth of institutional familiarity, as well as over a decade of experience working on the international education scene in Shanghai, China. It was there she learned Mandarin Chinese and developed her expertise in intercultural communication and exchange. She is currently pursuing a Master of Dispute Resolution at the Pepperdine School of Law, and in her role for Intercultural Affairs, she supports the University in its goal to "welcome international students, integrating them into our campus communities, drawing on their unique experiences and talents, and ensuring their contributions to the rich tapestry of Pepperdine's culture." Corrie serves as a key resource for the graduate schools in particular, enhancing international student programming as well as promoting intercultural dialogue, training, understanding and enrichment.

Joseph Chidiac

Intercultural Affairs Intern

Joseph Chidiac is a graduate student pursuing a master's in public policy at Pepperdine's School of Public Policy. At the School of Public Policy, he specializes in state and local government, and he is a current member of the International City/County Management Association, an organization that advances good governance by supporting and advocating for communities. Joseph graduated from Hope International University earning a bachelor's in Social Sciences and a minor in Biblical Studies. During his undergraduate career, he spent countless hours working in student affairs, as he served in various departments such as Student Activities, Campus Ministries, and the International Student Program. In addition to his work with the Intercultural Affairs Department at Pepperdine University, Joseph also serves Pepperdine Athletics as an Academic Mentor where he assists student athletes in achieving academic success.