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Convocation and Chapel

Current Students, Please visit the Convocation web site at community.pepperdine.edu/seaver/convo/.

What is the Convocation Program?

The Convocation Program is dedicated to help Pepperdine students build Christian faith, affirm Christian values, and address the moral and ethical dimensions of current issues.

Convocation Attendance Policy

Each semester, all undergraduates at Pepperdine University are required to attend 14 programs in the Convocation Series, which are activities aimed at building Christian faith, affirming Christian values, or addressing ethical and moral issues within a Christian worldview posed by current events.

Full-time students are enrolled in "SEAVER 200" each fall and spring semester. This course carries ½ unit for each semester, and a letter grade is given based on the number of convocation programs a student chooses to take part in that semester (remember: 14 are required). This is applicable to each regular semester a student is enrolled at Pepperdine University, up to (but not exceeding) 8 semesters. This course does not count toward the 128 units required for students to graduate; however, grades earned through "SEAVER 200" do apply to a student's GPA. The maximum number of "SEAVER 200" units that can be earned is 4 units (8 classes, worth ½ unit each).

Most frequently, students attend the Wednesday morning chapels at Firestone Fieldhouse. Other programs include student-led worship services, small group Bible studies, and individual spiritual mentoring sessions with faculty or staff sponsors.

Religion Course Requirements

Additionally, all undergraduates are also required to take three religion courses as a graduation requirement: The History and Religion of Israel, The History and Religion of Early Christianity, and Christianity and Culture. Many students take part in Christian ministries that cater to the Malibu campus community.

Community Chapels

Community Chapels are put on by various departments, clubs, and groups at Pepperdine. These chapels are sponsored by the Convocation program through the provision of guidance to the event leaders and convo credit for students.

Chapel groups that meet on a regular basis:

  • Language Chapel
  • Celebration Chapel
  • Athletics Chapel
  • Surf Chapel