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Student Leadership Opportunities

Student Programming Board

Thank you for your interest in the Student Programming Board. The Board consists of approximately 15 student leaders with the ability, passion, and drive to promote, facilitate, and coordinate an array of student life programs; basically, getting paid to plan “fun.”

The Board’s positions are:

Administrative & Special Projects

The Administrative & Special Projects Board Member is the glue that holds the Board together. This position keeps the team working together, and on the same page, making sure that all team members are working toward making our events successful! This position will:

  • Prepare meeting agendas by coordinating with all team members; keep meeting minutes.
  • Empower strong relationships between Board members by organizing bi-weekly bonding times.
  • Insure that the Board's event schedule is up-to-date, and full with vibrant, community building events from all committees.
  • Monitor the financial expenditures of the committees while assisting event financial planning.
  • Process all financial reimbursements and credit card statements.
  • Reinforce the committees by being an energetic and helpful partner in their event planning.
  • Plan the Board's Christmas and Year-End Banquet.
  • Coordinate the Board's attire.

Arts & Culture 

The Arts & Culture Board Members are positions of innovation and creativity. This position creates new and exciting opportunities for students to showcase their artistic talents, engage in local art, while also empowering cultural learning opportunities. This position will:

  • Organize an annual art show that showcases Pepperdine's talented students.
  • Maintain relationships with various art and culture clubs and departments on campus.
  • Partner with the Weisman Museum and Intercultural Affairs on art and cultural events.
  • Organize events that promote cultural awareness and free expression, including, but not limited to, CF2: CultureFest & Club Fair.
  • Empower students to learn about various fine art attractions throughout Los Angeles by sponsoring off-campus trips to art galleries, exhibits, theaters, and more.

Film and Entertainment

The Film & Entertainment Board Members are positions of storytelling. This position challenges students to learn and grow, while being intensely entertained through film's storytelling ability. Basic knowledge of film production strongly encouraged. This position will:

  • Coordinate the screening of films as part of exciting events throughout the year.
  • Organize the annual Reelstories Film Festival, supported by a team of Film Festival Directors, including the oversight of VIP relations, student film submissions, and main feature selections.
  • Maintain relationships with film clubs and departments (including Institute for Entertainment, Media, and Culture and the Communication Division) in order to bring film alive on campus.

Graphic Design

The Graphic Design Board Members are positions of artistic expression. These positions seeks to engage students through meaningful designs on many different media platforms. This position is challenged to find creative ways to catch students' attention, while being informative and engaging. These positions will:

  • Design all Board promotional materials including fliers, mailers, posters, banners, t-shirts, and programs that will engage the student body in a lively way.
  • Develop graphics for the monthly Student Life Calendar by working closely with professional staff that oversees its distribution across campus.
  • Engage in a dynamic relationship with the Public Relations Committee, empowering each other to better reach the student body through responsible advertising and effective engagement.
  • Assist in the creation of various Board office materials such as event name badges.
  • Work with other committees and Board Members to bring their event ideas for marketing and design to life.


The Music Committee are positions of charisma. These positions seek to engage the student body through the free expression of music, from soul-capturing chances to hear the latest touring artists, to opportunities for our talented student musicians to capture the spotlight. Audio/Visual experience welcome. These positions will:

  • Create and maintain relationships with musical student artists that want to perform.
  • Organize monthly Coffeehouses that showcase the amazing musical talent of students.
  • Facilitate an atmosphere of liveliness at all events by setting up equipment, and preparing a playlist, which fits the event and energizes the student attendees.
  • Organize major and smaller concert events such as Battle of the Bands and Humaliwo (our Spring Concert), requiring the management of performers throughout the offer and contract process, management of volunteers, and management of outside vendors.
  • Maintain the Board's audio/visual equipment and resources, including the operation of a soundboard at all events involving music.

Public Relations

The Public Relations (PR) Committee are positions of engagement. These positions are responsible for reaching out to students, and letting them know about all the awesome opportunities created by the Board. Photography and videography experience welcome. These positions will:

  • Create and execute exciting and creative promotional campaigns for all Board programming.
  • Utilize and maintain social media to connect with students, including creatively designing promotional offers to increase the Board's social media presence among students.
  • Design and send monthly Board e-mail newsletters.
  • Utilize traditional forms of marketing and advertising including, but not limited to, hand-drawn banners, chalk ads, bulletin boards, placement of posters, and "dorm storm" campaigns.
  • Maintain relationships with other Pepperdine departments, including Student Government.
  • Coordinate "Thank You" notes and other acknowledgments of appreciation.
  • Take photographs and videos at events to post to social media and for archiving purposes.

Special Events

The Special Events Committee are positions of vision. These positions are responsible for the largest scale events produced by the Board. These positions require an ability to create a big picture that is dream-worthy for students, and then deliver that dream through detail-oriented execution.

  • Create and design large scale events such as Blue & Orange Madness and Winter Wonderland.
  • Finalize an operational budget that empowers every event to be unforgettable.
  • Maintain and utilize relationships with various vendors, including overseeing documentation pertaining to risk management and contracts.
  • Engage other committees around every event, providing leadership, guidance, and direction to every team member, utilizing each team member's strengths to deliver the perfect event.
  • Collaborate with other departments, such as SGA, Dining Services, the Dean's Office, and the President's Office, in developing traditional events that encapsulate the Pepperdine Experience.
  • Work closely with the Film Board Member for logistical planning of Reelstories.

Weekend Events

The Weekend Events Committee are positions of organized multi-tasking. These positions are responsible for the brunt of the Board events, but work closely with the other committees to insure that the Board produces an event at LEAST every Friday and Saturday. These positions will:

  • Coordinate on and off campus events that are engaging and entertaining.
  • Creatively create new events based upon the needs and desires of the student body.
  • Seek collaboration opportunities with other campus departments and committees.
  • Oversee every aspect of each weekend event, including, but not limited to, transportation, contracts, risk management, and vendor management.


For more information on how to get involved, please click here.