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Diversity and Inclusion Presentations

Fall 2023 Offerings

Intercultural Affairs offers 30-minute to 90-minute pieces of training/workshops around Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (DEIJ). Listed below are the areas of training to consider.

  Building Inclusive Communities

An opportunity to contribute and believe that we belong to something bigger. Whether it is family, friends, religious affiliation, or a sports team. This training explores how leaders can empower their teams,  no matter “who” you are, “how” you are, or "what" you’ve been told, you are important and you have something unique to contribute.


Acknowledging that everyone has their own unique experiences of discrimination and oppression and we must consider everything and anything that can marginalize people (gender, race, class, sexual orientation, physical ability, etc.).

  Power and Privilege

Power is the ability to influence and make decisions that impact others. Privilege is the advantages and benefits that individuals receive because of the social groups they are perceived to be a part of.  When combined the results are often of systematic targeting and/or marginalization of another social group, which can uplift a community and change the outcomes of our past, if we recognize and acknowledge it.

  Comfort Zone 

Understanding that growth in the DEI space does not happen in the comfort zone, but it is a good place to end.

  Tools of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) Engagement

Exploring the ways in which students can practice what they have learned about DEI through vocabulary, conversations, and their privilege.

  Cultural Humility

Entering a relationship with the intention of honoring others' beliefs, customs, and values, while an ongoing process of self-exploration and self-critique of one’s own background.  This training explores the impact of leadership, learning, creative activity, and engagement through the lens of humility.

Please reach out to Myron McClure at myron.mcclure@pepperdine.edu if you would like to request training for students.