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Philosophy Club

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The Pepperdine Philosophy Club is committed to providing a venue for philosophical activities that is both distinct from and complementary to what goes on in the classroom.

Our discussions on philosophical topics—ranging from personal identity, the existence of God to the philosophy of language and animal rights—make up the club's core.

The discussions are student-led and moderated. Any member of the club is both free and encouraged to choose a topic to discuss and to moderate the discussion. Moderating gives members the opportunity to gain experience that they very rarely get in class. Further, the informal and non-academic, though still intellectual setting allows for more free and creative kinds of discussion. This atmosphere that is open to speculation and respectful of each participant allows for the actual beliefs of attendees to be examined in an interesting, thought-provoking, and direct way without the pressures of academic rigor.

How to get involved:

Contact: Dr. Tomas Bogardus to join the discussion 

Tomas Bogardus